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Just a few of the friends I made on Movellas

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    My closest friend on here is Silver_The_Demon. She is a really old friend of mine. Like I have known her since she was 5.   
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    Hi, I'm from Wattpad!! My species is a hybrid, I love music, and NEVER make me mad. I'm genderfluid but I prefer the pronouns he/him. I decided to take a break from Wattpad and start to write stories on...   
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    ima potato, and thats ok, cause im one hell of a tasty potato   
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    My name is Connor I'm a gamer, anime fan, and writer. I won't let anyone bring me down or break me. Follow me if you want a friendly experience.   
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    I'm a survivor. I have been through a lot of shit but my passion for writing is still strong. I feel like my writing isn't all that great so I strive to do better. My whole life has been going to shit...   
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    My name is Alexandria but you can call me Alex, I've always wanted to write stories, share songs, and also blog my opinions. I also am open to making friends though just a warning, I can be a bit cold...   
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