Teacher at day, racer at night - engelsk

Julie is 17 years old, and had a lot of boyfriends, but all is got to change, when she meets her new hot english teacher. He is 25. Tall, dark hair and handsome. But he is forbidden!


1. First day back

It's my first day back in school from spring break. My friend Kara, had told me, that we are getting a new teacher in english. How she knows? Her dad is the headmaster! Kara also says that he is hot, but hey? Everyone is hot in Kara's eyes!

I walked down the hall with Kara, when I saw him. OMG he was handsome! He had middle long hair, that was almost black in the light. He was in a pair of jeans and a white shirt and black tie.

He was breathtaking and I looked at Kara. She was just smiling like a idiot. Who the hell is he?!

"Kara who is that?" 

She was almost laghing at me while she said

"That my friend, is our new english teacher"

I lost my grib of my books. And I was so much in shock that i didn't hear the loud bang the books maked. I was lost for words. 

"Are you serious Kara?" 

She nodded and smiled when she said

"He is only 25 years old"

I took another look at him. Yeah he could not be older, but I really though he was a student! Not a fucking teacher! I looked at Kara again and said

"Yeah, but he is off limit when he is a teacher AND we are only 17!"

She looked optimistic at me and said

"Yeah? But we are turning 18 in 4 month!" 

Me and Kara have birthday at the same day, really cool. We are like twins. But we do not look a like. I am tall with my 5'4 with long curly brown hair og curves. Kara is small with her 5'0 and long straight blond hair and no curves. I envy her that beautiful long blond hair and no curves. Not that I don't like my curves. She is just so beautiful.

We slowly walked to our class. We have the most of our classes together. So that is great!

Our first class is PE. First time as a Senior!


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