Phoenix Fire

A phoenix will rise from the ashes and be reborn, only one can exist and he is bound to protect the daughter of death and fate, the most powerful child who was never supposed to exist.
Army's will rise to destroy her before she becomes aware of the powers that lie dormant inside of her.

Anna Swift just doesn't know what she's about to stumble into when she is attacked after a night out clubbing.


2. Chapter Two

 “You are joking right?” I said feeling as this was the worst joke ever played. I was stood in my living room, vomit clinging to my brown hair, pale skin darkened by mud and grime. I was barely dressed and a man I knew almost nothing about was telling me he was a mythical bird. I drew his coat around me tighter in an attempt to keep myself covered, feeling extremely exposed and exhausted physically and mentally.

“I realise that this is hard to swallow but it doesn’t really matter much in the scheme of things. You believe that tonight was just a drunk man trying to rape you but it was so much more than that. The thing that attacked you was a demon, not the most powerful or the most vicious but a demon nonetheless.” Tobin said and it was the seriousness in his voice that made me want to believe him, however the fact that it sounded so ridiculous made me resistant to it. 

“He smelt of beer and body odour” I said, shuddering with the memory, “It was a drunk man, it had to be, demons just don’t exist.” I was defiant in this fact, I just couldn’t bring myself to believe that demons were real and Tobin, who had been around me for two years, however distantly was a phoenix.

“That’s just how demons smell, it’s no coincidence that alcohol is sometimes called the demon drink. But that isn’t important. What is important is that they know where you are now and that means you’re in danger. We can’t stay here much longer.” Tobin said sounding overly dramatic, a little aggravated and extremely on edge. However he could sound that way all he liked, it was nothing on how I was feeling.

“I’m not going anywhere, all I’m doing is saying goodnight to you, having a bath and going to bed.” I said with determination. Tonight had been a night of bad luck and misfortune, I very much wanted it to end with a hot water bottle and snuggled under my duvet. As much as I had crushed on Tobin all through the last two years at Uni, given the choice at this moment I would have wanted him to leave.

“I can’t leave you on your own Anna, you don’t have to believe me about any of this but you’re in danger now and very shortly your powers are going to start to emerge, powers you can’t control yet.” He said sounding even more serious. I just shook my head in disbelief.

“Are you telling me that I’m not human either? Now I know you’re kidding!” I said with a laugh. “Come on Tobin, you can’t seriously expect me to believe all of this! It sounds like something out of Harry Potter!”

“Think about it Anna, think of the injuries you received tonight, you were punched pretty hard but you feel fine, look in the mirror, there isn’t a mark on you. How can you explain that if I’m lying to you?” Tobin said, he kept his voice steady and his face straight.

I thought about it for a second, I couldn’t explain it. I could remember everything that had happened before Tobin had stopped my attacker, but all the aches and pains had gone, my head no longer throbbed, the only evidence I had that something untoward had happened was the fact I was covered in dirt and mud.

“This is all too crazy to believe.” I said but even my voice was uncertain of everything. I had to sit back down as everything that I couldn’t explain raced through my mind.

“I know it’s a lot and I’m so sorry. Will you be okay for a minute I have to make a call. Once you’re cleaned up and you’ve rested we’ll have to leave. I need to make some arrangements first though.” Tobin said removing his phone from his jean pocket.

“Wait, let’s just say hypothetically that I believe you. I can’t leave, my mum is on a cruise, she’ll be back next week, wouldn’t she be in danger here too?” I asked.

“It’s complicated, she won’t be in any danger here, she isn’t your biological mother. I’ll make sure she is aware of the situation but the demons out there are after you not her.” That sentence floored me, in one breath Tobin had re-written everything that I knew about my family and my life. He must have realised the effect of what he had just had on me because he instantly looked as if he regretted it. “Shit, I’m sorry, you didn’t need to hear that just yet.”

“She’s not my mum?” I asked and Tobin shook his head. We’d never been close as mother and daughter, in fact since my dad had died while I was in primary school she had barely put the effort in to raise me but I had still seen her as my mother despite her faults and misgivings.

“I’m really sorry Anna, I shouldn’t have said anything, it isn’t fair to unload all of this on to you, the next few days are going to be hard enough without overloading you with information as well.” He said kneeling down on the floor in front of me. He took my hands in his own in an attempt at comfort and I found myself grateful at the contact.

“I don’t know what to think anymore, what’s going on Tobin, why are you here? Help me to understand because I’m scared shitless right now!” I said looking into his startlingly purple eyes. He was probably the most beautiful creature I’d ever laid eyes on and the fact that he wasn’t human made an awful lot of sense now I thought about it. Being this close to him I could see things about him that would never naturally be associated with anyone human.

“I know. It’s a lot to explain and a lot to understand. It’s late, go clean up and get some sleep, I’ll be here when you wake up and we can talk things over then okay.” He said, one hand affectionately stroking my right cheek. I nodded, as much as I needed answers my brain was shutting down from lack of sleep. I felt less than human and I knew I smelt foul.

I trailed slowly up the stairs as Tobin starting talking to someone on his phone, speaking a language I couldn’t understand. Once in the bathroom I pushed the door closed, leaving it only slightly ajar just in case. In the back of my mind Tobin’s words echoed ominously. I was in danger, I may not have fully understood that yet but I was starting to believe him and didn’t want any obstacles between him and me if something were to happen.

I turned on the shower, while waiting for the water to heat up I removed the coat and the shreds of material that earlier this evening had constituted a decent outfit for clubbing. These were aimed directly at the small bin under the sink as they were unsalvageable.

The hot water felt heavenly against my skin. The familiar flowery scent of my shampoo was a comfort as I lathered my hair. I combed through it while the conditioner was still in to ensure that all the vomit was gone. Even after the mud and grime had been washed away I remained under the stream of hot water that had turned my white skin a pinkish shade of red.

Steam filled the bathroom, fogging the mirror above the sink and clouding the glass walls of the shower enclosure. Finally accepting that I couldn’t stay here forever I turned off the water and stepped out, grabbing a towel and wrapping it around me. I was grateful that this morning I had made the effort and changed all the towels and my bed linen instead of switching on the mind-numbing morning television.

“You okay in there?” Tobin called from the other side of the door. A mixture of feelings welled up inside of me at the sound of his voice. I was partly grateful that he was there, for the fact that he seemed to be my protector but also the fact that he was here was proof that it had happened and I needed a protector.

“Fine” I called back. I wiped away the moisture from the mirror, staring at myself for several seconds trying to decipher if I was actually losing my mind. Unable to decide I grabbed my toothbrush and started to scrub. I did everything possible to make myself feel clean before emerging from the bathroom still only wearing my towel. It had been an oversight to not take my pyjamas into the bathroom. Tobin had already seen more of me than I would have liked, though on the bright side at least I was clean this time.

“I’ve made up a bed for myself on your bedroom floor, I hope you don’t mind.” Tobin said, he was stood outside my bedroom door looking awkward. I noticed that his eyes didn’t leave mine, not even to look over my attire or lack thereof.

“Fine” I said without really thinking. He waited outside while I changed into my pyjamas. I noticed as I did that he had put a hot water bottle into my bed for me and I was astounded. I must have done this almost every night that it wasn’t blistering hot outside while at Uni, I hadn’t thought that he had ever noticed me and yet he had noticed that, my little oddity. It made me wonder how closely he had been watching me and what other little quirks of mine he had picked up on.

The bed that he had made for himself wasn’t really much of a bed, just a few cushions and a quilt that had been handmade by my grandmother, or at least who I had believed to be my grandmother up until tonight.

“Are you sure you’re going to be comfortable down there?” I asked as I climbed into bed and he settled himself down still wearing his jeans and t-shirt that seemed rather immaculate considering he had been kneeling down in the mud to help me earlier.

“I’ve had worse and I’d rather be close to you so that I can protect you than comfortable.” He said as we settled down and I switched off my bedside light. I didn’t respond, grateful to finally be warm and safe in my bed, even if I did have a phoenix sleeping on my bed room floor.


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