First time seeing you

This is a fanfic with SHINee.
The story is about a danish girl, who have to move to Korea because of her fathers job. She starts in a korean school, but what she doesn't know is, that at the same school goes SHINee. A korean group that she is a big fan of.

1. Moving?

“Breakfast, dear!”

Every morning my mom wakes me up when my breakfast is ready. She always makes my breakfast just before she goes to work. I’m 18 years old, and I live in Denmark with my parents. Every day I go to school, and I love it. Not because of the many assignment and all the homework, but because of my friends. If there is one more thing I love, is it music. The feelings that music can give you, it’s amazing. My favorite music is Korean pop (kpop). Not many here in Denmark love it, but at least there are some who does. My biggest wish is to meet my favorite group, SHINee.


One day when I came home from school, my parents were home. Normally they first come home long time after me. I got pretty nervous.

“Maria, we have to tell you something. Something important.”

Normally I don’t like surprises, but I had a feeling of something weird was going to happen. My parents just stood there for awhile, and I got more and more mad at them. I just looked at them with a really mad and tired face, not because I was mad at them, but mostly because I knew that when they looked like that, they were going to tell me something that I wouldn’t be happy about.

“We have to move Maria, so you have to leave the school.”


“You dad got a new big job in South Korea, and we all have to move over there. In the summer vacation which starts in 2 weeks, we all have to start these Korean lessons, so when we move to Korea in around 2 month, we all have to be good at Korean.”

Apparently I have to move to Korea now. What about all my friends, my school, our house? South Korea isn’t the worst place to move to, but still. I’m going to miss this country so much. Later that night when my parent’s told me we were moving, they told me that we were going to move in a little under 2 month, so when we came, I could start on a new school year. Over the summer vacation, I have to go to A LOT of Korean lessons since I have to be really good to Korean before we move there. I go to this Korean lesson with my parents 4 times at week, so when we come to Korea, I will be ready to start in the Korean school. The weirdest way to use my vacation. We are coming to Korea just around one or two weeks before the school starts, just so we have some time to get to know the place.

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