Struggling for survival // 1D

One thing can change a persons life.


1. A walk down the road.

The bar was loud and crowded, but Harry didn't mind. All he could think about at the moment was Clara, his newly found girlfriend. He loved her with all his heart, but he didn't feel she noticed him at all. He wanted to tell her and know if his suspicion was right. Right now.

'Wanna go for a walk, babe?' Harry asked her.


He took her hand and they walked outside in the cold, freezing night. Clara freezed, so Harry put her coat around her. As they walked down the road, they started chatting about everything. That's what Harry loved about her. They could talk for hours and never run out of subjects to talk about. This was the moment to ask, Harry decided.

'Look, Clara, I wante-'

They rounded the corner, looking at eachother, and too late, Harry noticed the front lights of a car, speeding towards them. the car was out of control, swinging from side to side, and hit Harry with the back. He was blown away, thrown into the wall of a brick house. His eyes were nearly closed, when he saw the driver stand out of the car, pulling a gun out. The driver pointed it at Harry, a wild, longing expression on his face, and pulled the tricker. Harry's body shook, and his eyes fell close. The last thing, he thought of was Clara, the boys and the fans, before a white light flashed and he fell into the darkness.

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