Deadly Secret

My name is Tayla Brook.
Everyone is scared of something, right?
You'd expect a sixteen-year-old, like myself, to be fearless, afraid of nothing.
But you're wrong.
My heart aches with betrayal.
This is my story.


1. Chapter 1


Evan pressed his soft lips to mine, his arms around me. He gently stroked my cheek with his thumb. 

"Tell me," he whispered into my ear. "What are you thinking?"

"I'm trying not to think," I replied, slightly giddy from his warm kisses. "I want to stay here with you, forever."

"I'll be honest," Evan whispered into my hair. "I've never felt this way about a girl before."

"What can I say? I'm irresistable," I laughed. He pulled me closer to him as he tenderly kissed my neck. 

This was what I wanted, this was where I was supposed to be. In the arms of the guy I loved. Was there anything better than that? I felt serene in his arms, the heat and tingle coursed through my body, setting my nerve-endings elite. I ran my fingers through his hair as his lips parted with mine. I was drowning in pure happiness, pure bliss.


"Tayla, I have a problem," my best friend, Shay, said stressfully down the phone an hour later.

"And what would that be? You maxed out your mum's debit card?" I giggled, it wouldn't have been the first time Shay maxed out her mother's card either.

"No, Tayla. Can't you be serious for one second in your life?" she snapped, impatiently.

"Okay, okay, what is it?" I sighed. I sat at the kitchen table playing with the noodles on my plate. My own mother was at an art display with my father. I had to admit, she was a damn good artist, too. She knew from a very young age that she'd be a painter when she grew up. I had never put much thought into it, why should we be forced to choose a career path now?

"My car broke down. You're going to have to come pick me up. I'm at work."

"Are you insane? What if my mum comes home and sees I'm nowhere to be found?" I frowned. Shay always expected me to pick up the pieces when her life fell apart. Yeah, sure, she was my best friend, but I had my own problems. I didn't have the strength. nor the time, to solve her problems also. 

"Just write a note or something," she suggested. "Don't ask me what to write becasue I'm the one failing English, not you."

"I can't just write a note, Shay," I said, agitated. "I'm not like you, I don't go to house parties and get drunk. I don't go out with guys twice my age."

"What's that supposed to mean?" she asked, offended. I hadn't meant to upset her, but it was true. She'd dated a thirty-year-old before. Sickening, I know.

"Never mind," I sighed. 

"So, are you coming to pick me up, or what?" she snapped, irritated.

"No, Shay, I can't."

"Some friend you are," she hissed before slamming the phone on me. Normaly, I would have rung back and apologised for upsetting her. But tonight. I had promised my parents I would stay home tonight and revise. On my own. Without my boyfriend or my best friend. 

I grabbed my plate and tossed the remaining, cold food in the bin and chucked the plate in the sink with the other dirty crockery I would have to wash up tonight. There was no one else here to do it. And even if there was, I would be the one lumbered with all the household chores. Mum was always buisy painting and sketching and dad would spend his week days working as an accountant. How fun. I had hated maths as a kid and I still did, with a passion. My favourarite subject would always be English, I loved writing stories. When I was younger, I had written silly stories that made no sense what so ever, and my scribbly writing was undecipherable. Now, I spent my time writing romances. In most, there would be a sinister dude, and of course, the protagonist would melt his icy heart. Other than that, I would grab a bowl of salted popcorn, head to my room, kick back and watch my favourite film, Avatar. If you ask me, James Cameron is someone you'd call a genius. Pure genius. Wouldn't life be much more thrilling if we were all Na'vi and living on Pandora? Now, that's a life I couldn't resist. It must be said, I have a thing for Jake Sully played by Sam Worthington. He has such a unique character who falls in love with the forest and Neytiri, the daughter of the clan's spiritual leader. 

I headed to my room and slouched on my chair in front of the laptop I had received as a Christmas present last year. I opened the Word document entiltled Forbidden Love and stared at the last page I had written. I guess I wasn't concentrating enough to write anything. I groaned and slammed the laptop lid down. I grabbed my car keys off my table and headed back downstairs.

Outside, I climbed into my car, reversed off the drive and headed for Shay's workplace. She had a part-time job at the cafe not fare from here, maybe a half hour drive?

Soon, I reached the cafe, Mo's Cafe, flickered in neon red above the door. I climbed out of my car and entered the cafe. I was sure to hell going to kill Shay for stealing all my attention. I told myself that I would not be able to write another word until she was home, safe. 

"Hey, Mo, is Shay around?" I asked the old-ish woman who owned the cafe. 

"Ah, no sweetie, you just missed her," she replied in her usual sweet voice as she wiped the counter with a damp cloth. 

"She's walking?" I asked, alarmed. Panic surged through my body. She was alone. Or had she called someone else and begged them to walk her home?

"Yes, should I be worried?" Mo asked, concern stamped across her face. 

", I'll ring her and give her a lift home. No need to freak out," I said, shakily. I left the cafe and climbed into my car. I noticed my hands had begun to shake. If something bad happened to her, it would be on my conscience. 

I grabbed my phone and punched in Shay's number. It went straight to voicemail. Now I was worrying!

I lurched my car out of the car park and drove the down the road towards Shay's house. It was gradually getting darker. 

Slamming the car breaks on, i scrambled out of the car and tried her phone again. Voicemail. I began jogging, forgetting to lock my car. 

Soon, I heard a scream, a scream so loud it pierced my mind. I ran as fast as I could, following the never-ending, tortured scream, leading me to an alleyway entrance. My eyes fell on the bleeding girl in the arms of a stranger.





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