Falling for the one I never even knew...

This is a short Novel about a girl named Julia who thinks she's safe with the decisions she's making, however, she's unaware of what the truth may have in store for her when meets her 'lover' via interent dating. What she thinks will happen is the complete opposite..

-By Jade aged 13.


2. Dear diary.

Dear Diary,

                    Today was the greatest day of my life! Last week, my 14th birthday, my parents finally let me sign up to facebook after repeated years of begging and nagging. I didn't expect to have many friends to start off with. I wasn't really well known at school or in my local area. However, the requests soon came rolling in. I couldn't believe it! I was ecstatic!


I'd just recieved another request on facebook. I didn't know any Danny Longbridge's? I decided to accept the request anyway, couldn't do me any harm...or could it? We soon got talking. He said I was 'absoloutly beautiful'. I didn't exactly know how to reply, i'd never been called this before. He was one of those boys who some may call players. He had a tanned body, muscly, blond 'emo' sweeping hair, stretched ear and big,brown,beautiful eyes. I couldn't be so stereotypical without even knowing the guy, therefore, i went along with it. What happened next was so shocking but yet i couldn't resist it. I knew we had something...


It's getting late now and i have school tomorrow. 6.30am. It'll be a new dawn, a new day and I will be a new person...



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