'I stood there, unable to move, mesmerised by her exquisite beauty.' A short horror story I wrote a while ago. It is my first Movella in this genre so please leave feedback! :) PS: The character describing the series of events is a male.


1. Enchanted

I took another step forward, my chest undulating with fear.

Where am I?

Why am I here?

What am I doing?

Clutching my battered torch, I staggered into the darkness. My quivering hand rested upon a rusty doorknob. Hesitating, I pulled back before quietly pushing the protesting door open.

My eyes slowly adjusted to the dim light; a slim, delicate figure occupied the far corner of the dusty room. It's head hung down lifelessly and for a fraction of a second I thought it was dead. Horrified, I attempted to back away; but invisible spiderwebs clung to my short, mattled hair and prevented me from moving at all. The head snapped up, displaying inhuman beauty.

Thin, black tears slid from her dark, hollow eyes, rolling effortlessly down her bony cheeks. Dark, twisting ringlets hung down; framing her stunning face. I stood there, unable to move, mesmerised by her exquisite beauty.

She crept back as I stumbled to the floor, still staring at her eyes. She mimicked me, staring all the time. My mind was full of her; those ruby lips, the way she looked at me, almost hungrily. I would give everything up to be enchanted by her for ever and ever and...

She lurched forward, waking me from my trance. My torch flew from my hand, clattering to the floor. Claws pierced me as she dragged me across the space inbetween us. Her clasp was as cold as metal. She forced her nails further into my bleeding flesh, digging down like daggers. Pain erupted through me as her other bony hand joined in the fun.

Baring her deadly set of teeth, she wrapped her thin arms around my throbbing neck. I tried to scream; to let anyone, anything into my dark nightmare, but my throat was dry from drinking. Violently, she yanked my head towards her rusty breath and pushed me into the corner of the room.

I fell.

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