Consigned to Oblivion

Death. The idea of it can be terrifying, simply because death is an open door to a world of the unknown. When Alice Deimos is first faced with the concept of dying, she has no clue how to react. She feels frozen, as if she is looking at the world through glass. Will she go crazy from being secluded from everything she was used to?
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1. Consigned to Oblivion

My memories were gone.

I had no idea where I was, or who I was, or why I was there. I felt if I were dreaming. I blinked hard and all of a sudden everything came back to me. Everything that had happened in my life flashed before my eyes, like I was watching a movie, including the parts of my life that I didn't want to see. The pain. The tears. The misery. I tried to shake off the vision, as if it were a nightmare, but I couldn't snap myself out of it.

I didn't know how much time went by. It could've been minutes, or hours, or days...time wasn't of importance. I discovered who I was by watching this vision. I was Alice Deimos, your average teenage outcast. I had not one friend, and my parents barely acknowledged my existence.  I'd grown up this way, and the only thing that got me through each day was music. I mastered nearly every instrument, and devoted myself to it. I didn't need anyone or anything else.

The vision neared the end, but it went fuzzy before it could finish, like a tv sometimes does when the connection is weak. 

Was I dreaming?

I was in a field, the wind blowing gently at the surface of my skin, surrounded by nothing but birds. The birds were quiet, wings flapping soundlessly as they soared through the air, surveying what was going on below them. The sky was dark, and the field had a sort-of threatening presence about it. Something was off.

I looked down at myself. I was wearing a silky, nearly paper thin white dress, like the type of thing a faerie from a fantasy novel would wear. My blonde curls blew gently in the wind, and I shut my eyes. I knew shutting my eyes wouldn't help anything, but it would at least serve as a temporary escape from the amount of confusion I was feeling.

I opened them once again, praying that when I did, I'd be out of this mystery world.

A horse the color of the night stood in front of me. It cocked its head to the side, curious. It then leaned in and nudged me, as if it needed to tell me something. I reached my hand out slowly, cautiously. I began to pet the horse, but it trotted behind me and nudged me in the small of my back, urging me forward. I began to walk, and before I knew it, the horse had sped in between my legs, picking me up onto its back, nearly causing me to fall.

It picked up speed, and the scenary blurred by me as the horse ran. I began to relax, and my eyes shut again. The horse stopped, and tilted its body back so that I would slide off.

I turned around and looked up at what the horse had wanted me to see.

There was a car that had turned over and was on fire, and a dented tree in front of it. A few feet from the car lay a body.

I gasped, and began to run towards the body, wanting to help.

The horse caught up with me and pushed me back.

In the distance, red and blue lights flared. The paramedics.

The paramedics rushed over to the body, concered expressions on many of their faces. Two men leaned down to pick up the body and transfer it to a stretcher.

I squinted.

That was me. That was MY body. Those were my golden-blonde curls that had been stained with blood. That was my music note necklace that I'd owned since I was ten.

My face was mangled and bloody, and hardly recognizable. My skin was whiter than snow, and my body looked frail and weak.

"Yep, definately D.O.A. Its a lost cause." one of the paramedics spoke.

 I was watching my own death. The horse had taken me to view the grand finale. I was dead.

The vision sizzled in front of me, and I broke down.

My knees grew weak, and I fell to the ground, tears streaming down my face. There was so much I had wanted to do. My hopes of becoming a musician had been crushed. Everything I'd worked so hard for was gone in a snap.

The horse leaned down beside me, and nudged me, trying to get me to stand up. I pushed it away, and let myself cry.

The horse nudged me repeatedly until I got frustrated and just stood up. The horse pulled me up onto its back again and began to run once more. We neared our destination and the horse slowed down.

I got off and walked forward.

A crowd began cheering.

I opened the door and stepped inside, afraid to see what awaited me. I knew that whatever lied behind this door was what determined my fate. Whatever was waiting for me was where I'd be staying-forever.

I tip-toed inside, light on my feet.

The crowd roared.

I was in a big circular stadium, with crowds of people over-filling the seats. In the very center stood a grand piano. I smiled and approached it, sliding onto the leather seat with ease. I closed my eyes, letting the musician take over.

On Earth, I was consigned to oblivion.

But here, I could be me. I could be the real Alice Deimos.

I looked back over at the entrance to see if the horse was still there, but it was gone.

"Thank you," I whispered, and continued to play.

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