Eve's Diary

(This is NOT my diary, even though it seems quite realistic I suppose:) )
Eve is religious, different and her own person. That's why she keeps her diary.
A new diary entry for each day:-)


1. Hi!

Dear Diary,

Well, hi. My name is Eve. Its weird because Eve was one of the two people who began our world. I'm religious like that.

I have a little red bible in my pocket, that's probably why I know these types of things. It makes me feel kind of special to know that I share the same name as God's first person. That's amazing.

Of course, nobody's really my friend. Nobody really likes to hang around with a Christian, a weird one at that. But that's okay. I have the sea and the sky and the sunshine and they're all so beautiful. Especially the clouds.

I wouldn't say I'm weird, because everyone's perfect in their own little way to me. If you like something different to someone else, why does that make you odd? It's perfect to me.

I'm an optimist. I'm religious. I'm eccentric. And as I said before...

I'm Eve.

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