Love Poems♥

Collection of poems, about love, bit cliche, sorry, but it's kinda my first attempt so yeah:p


2. Black Love

I was that type of girl with black lace up shoes, all clunky,

Black hair, black clothes and that

'Black personality'.


That girl who you said slit her wrists,

Depressed others and herself,

The one who only uses one thing to defend herself;

Her fists.


That girl who you always avoided,

The one who listened to the wrong songs,

The one that you belittled and exploited.


I was that one girl who was targeted,

I was that one girl who was the odd one out,

I never thought I would be helped by Cupid.


You came along and saved me,

You held my hands and appreciated my style,

And I finally gave you the thing to unlock my heart; my faithful key.


I let you in and you supported me,

You understood me and loved everything you saw and knew,

Even though I wasn't so girly and cutesy.


But now you are my only love,

And I've shocked myself.

The dark dark girl, that one who locked herself away, has actually...




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