Life after Fred

Life after the Death of Fred Weasley.
Written in George's Point of View.


2. The Journey of Half a Heart

'I'm coming, Fred. I miss you'

I shuffled Into the front seat, Mum was driving. In one hand held a Bouquet of flowers whilst the other held a photograph, I cry in excitement. 'Are you alright, dear?' Mum asks, tapping my shoulder whilst we fly through the air. 'I miss him so much, why did it have to be Fred? Why couldn't it have been me?!' I shout in confusion, shock and depression.'Nobody should of died, except Voldemort and Bellatrix. I sometimes feel bad for killing Bella, she could have changed and made a better person of herself' she replies, sighing with shame and disgrace.

I look out of the window and into the mirror, this time I don't just see myself but another ginger haired, handsome guy. He waves at me and smiles, I look into the mirror more to see the boy wearing a jumper with the letter 'F' on the front..FRED!

'Mum, It's Fred!' I shout, 

'That's your reflection, dear' She assures, I look back into the mirror just to see myself again, no Fred, no jumper, just me.


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