last breath.

Nathan and Andrew were best friends. They could tell each other anything, they were inseparable. Until Andrew out of the blue decided that they shouldn't be friends anymore, and left Nathan hurt and alone.
4 years later, they again find interest in each other, as more than just friends. But will it work out, despite their past issues, and the issues their new found love possibly might bring them?


1. Friendship.


First time we met was in first grade.

"Hey, you know, if you have nobody to play with, you can play cars with me" I heard. I was confused if this possibly was directed at me, it couldn't be. I looked confused in the direction these words came from. "Yeah, you" Said the same boy. He was sitting on the floor staring at me with breath taking crystal blue eyes.

I looked back at him, and gave him a quick nod. I sat down on my knees, picked up a red Ferrari car, and instantly started making awkward car noises, spitting quite a bit. I had always been a shy kid,  but luckily for me, he was great at starting conversation, and instantly making you feel comfortable.

He stopped playing with his yellow Suzuki Crosser, and stretched out his arm to me. "I'm Andrew by the way," His breath smelled like strawberries, I could smell it all the way across the car carpet. "What's your name?"

I stopped making car noises, and put the car down, my hand still hovering over it. I contemplated whether or not I should shake his hand, my mum always told me that I shouldn't talk to strangers, but she also told me to try and make friends today. After a moment of thinking, he still hadn't put his hand down, he just sat there smiling at me, I noticed how one of his front teeth were missing. I grabbed his hand slowly, but didn't shake it, we just held each other's hand awkwardly, but of course that wasn't considered awkward back then. "I'm Nathan" I mumbled.

We went straight back to silently playing cars, until Andrew broke the silence. "Nathan," He said. "Will you be my best friend?"

I looked up at him, and for the first time since we entered the classroom, I actually smiled. I had never had a best friend before, I had never had an actual friend before. "Yes," I smirked. "I will be your best friend"

He laughed silently. "Cool"

Now he will barely look at me. We were best friends until 6th grade, when he started hanging out with the "cool kids". We used to walk together to school every morning, as he only lives a couple of houses down my road. But one morning, that was supposed to be just another normal morning, we met outside his house, and he told me the words I feared he would say one day. I knew everything was too good to be true, stuff like this doesn't happen to people like me, not for long periods of time anyway.

"Nathan," His breath formed a white sky in the winter air. "I don't think we should be best friends anymore. I got new friends, that are.." He paused for a second, considering his word choice, maybe he was looking for a word that would hurt less, but it didn't matter which word he chose, it still hurt as much. "Different from you"

Those words hit me right in the stomach, punching any breath I had left in me out, and before I could say, or think anything, his "different" friends came walking in our direction. "My friends and I are walking to school together now," He said. I could see that he felt bad for me, but not bad enough to reconsider our friendship. "See you at school, Nathan" He said, quickly catching up with his new best friends.

The day today, we're in 10th grade, and Andrew is still hanging out with those "cool and different" people. To Andrew, I'm practically invisible. It's like he has forgotten everything about that strong bond we once shared. He has forgotten how we used to sneak out together every Wednesday night, and drive our bikes for 30 minutes to this hill, just to watch the sun go down together, in silence. And how he used to come home to me at night, sobbing and shaking, because his parents had been fighting again. I would comfort him. "Everything's gonna be okay," I used to whisper to him. "You have me. You always will"

"You promise?" He sobbed back. "Always?

"Always." I assured him.

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