Gotta Be You

Callie is a normal fifteen year old, who like many dream of meeting British/Irish boyband sensation One Direction. But when her clueless father and evil step-mother force her to come on a 'bonding' holiday in the sunny island of Fiji, Callie gets caught up in a whirlwind of excitement when she learns that the 5 members of 1D are staying in her resort. As she experiences romance, friendship, betrayal and facing the past, Callie learns that sometimes it doesn't just take One Thing to have the best summer ever, but maybe five...


1. I Want


Vivienne frowned.

"What do you mean 'no', Callie?"

For a successful business-woman she sure wasn't inhabiting much brains upstairs.

"Your brain get evicted?" I asked, knowing this what make Vivienne livid. Hopefully she'd do that thing where she stares really intently at me, like her eyes are boring into my soul, ripping open my heart. As if.

"Callie..." She said, obviously struggling to keep her voice even. "I am an adult and you can not talk to me with that sarcastic tone in your voice"

I smiled.

"Of course dear Vivienne, I really am a horror"

She looked startled.

"If that's sarcasm I detect..." She sounds like she's one of those machines that locates lies, but in my case its sarcasm. Who does she think she is, Jeremy Kyle?

"To be perfectly honest Vivienne, I'm bored with this conversation" I returned to my laptop screen, where I was IMing Clarence and Luce. 


Clar4Real: Is evil step-mom gone yet?

LuceyLu: Uh, is she there Cal? Poor u.


"Well I'm not!" Vivienne exclaimed, coming into my room. "And could you step away from that stupid computer for one second?

She leaned over my shoulder and looked at the big box in the middle of the page. Even if she was a total pain, I didn't exactly want her seeing the comments and then complaining to my dad.

"That's private!" I said, sprawling my arms across the screen. But it was too late. Vivienne's eyes flashed from hurt to coldness in a second.

"I...I'll call you when dinner is ready" She stuttered, before leaving the room swiftly. 


CaliKndl: Thanks guys, Evil Step-Mom saw ur comments nd is raving!

LuceyLu: Soz Cal, didn't think she knew what a chat room was...

Clar4Real: Uh oh, wats ur dad gonna do??

CaliKndl: Prob make me go to Fiji

LuceyLu: Wait...what?

CaliKndl: Evil Step-Mom was telling me about it before the IM drama. They think it will be a special bonding holiday, basically a 'Callie has to be nice to Vivienne' fest.

Clar4Real: Where U Going?

CaliKndl: Fiji

Clar4Real: And u complainin?

LuceyLu: Cal, I would luv to go outside London??!!

CaliKndl: Didn't u hear me???! Evil Step-Mom is coming!!!

LuceyLu: Fiji is fiji Cal, I'd go with Samara Errel if it meant a holiday in the sun!

Clar4Real: And Samara Errel is one nasty piece of work

LuceyLu: Remember when she told everyone I poured sour milk in her hair because I was secretly bald???

Clar4Real: Actually she said you shaved ur head and u kept ur hair in a jar.

LuceyLu: What!!??

CaliKndl: Can we plz get back my problem???!! Clar4Real: Ur going on holidays, what a problem.

LuceyLu: And when Samara sent everyone a pic of u in those clashing patterned shorts, I nearly died for u!! Clar4Real: She did wat???????!!!!!!!!!!!

LuceyLu: Oops.


I sighed. Weren't my friends so supportive? Not to mention helpful... Knowing I wouldn't get any more 'useful' advice, I logged off the chat. I opened Safari and decided I'd cheer myself up with some juicy gossip on The Kardashians or a big scandal involving Zac Efron. My fingers hovered over the keys, as I hacked my brains trying to remember the name of that gossip blog Luce told me about it. Once the name floated into my conscious, I swiftly typed it into Google. I waited impatiently for the page to load, as several large images filled the screen. I scrolled down, reading the following headlines aloud.








You know it is a slow day in the newsroom when the most exciting topic is a band discovering the wonders of the sea-side. I was about to click on the Twilight one when I heard a low cough at the door.

“Can I come in?”

I was relieved to spin around and see my father entering the room. He sat down on the bed, and beckoned me to join him.

“Callie, about Fiji…”

“Dad, I’m sure Luce’s parents wouldn’t mind me staying at her house…”

He shook his head. The thing with Dad was he could make a case closed, a decision decided, in a flick of his head. He was a quiet, reserved man, who rarely got in heated arguments. Calm and firm was my Dad’s way of getting things done. Dad could fit a hundred words in one, and everyone would accept it as the final say.

“Sorry Cal, but its a done deal”

I groaned.


“Come on Kiddo, it really means a lot to me. You and Vivienne spending quality time together, becoming a better family, in one of the most gorgeous resorts in Fiji? What is wrong with that?”

I could think of one or two reasons.

“Don’t you think it may be a bit awkward between me and Voldemort…?”


“I mean Vivienne” I said quickly.

Dad gave me a look but let it pass.

“Its been a year since we got married Cal, its time for things to be settling down”

“But why Fiji? Why now? Why all of us?”

Dad looked down at his hands.

“Well, there is another aspect to this holiday…” He paused to collect the right words. “Henry wants me to design a website for the resort. You know, take a few pictures, get a feel for the place. Come on Cal, just imagine it. You and Vivienne checking out the spa, me checking out the restaurant…” And I could. A seaweed wrap suffocating Vivienne, the spa specialist dropping hot coals on her. Ha. I also knew that work was going to be involved, because I had always imagined my father as being more of a ‘pitch a tent in a field’ guy.

“Its a five star resort, with ten pools, six outside and four inside. It has a spa, a smoothie bar, a stage, a games emporium, an indoor cinema, a collection of bars and restaurants…” I tried to look bored but it was hard not to get caught up in Dad’s infectious enthusiasm.

“So when are we going?”

“Next week”

I pondered this over in my head.

“How long are we staying?”

“Two weeks”

I nodded.

“Is that okay?”

Then the madness of this conversation hit me. Here was my father, having to convince me to go on a two week holiday in a beautiful resort in Fiji, one of the most exotic sounding holiday destinations I’ve heard of. And I was trying to convince him to let me stay here, in dreary, raining London.

“Sounds cool, Dad”

He smiled and rose to go to the door. He paused and turned around.

“And Callie…” He half-smiled. “Try not leaving those kind of comments on display to the world”

And we both grinned, knowing that Vivienne was the world.

I logged on to the chat box where a string of comments based around Samara appeared. I laughed at the last one.


Clar4Real: And Samara didn’t even like him until you said that!

LuceyLu: Hey, where’s Cal?

CaliKndl: Soz, was chatting to Dad while you too had a Samara bashing contest.

Clar4Real: Any update on the Fiji sitch? Wouldn’t mind going instead of you…

CaliKndl: You’re so kind. But we got it sorted. Its a really sweet resort, so I’m gonna enjoy it. 2 weeks in Fiji!!!

Clar4Real: Lucky, Fijian boys are hot!

LuceyLu: What will you do about ESM?

CaliKndl: Did you know they have volcanos in Fiji?

LuceyLu: Er, yes

CaliKndl: Who knows, maybe a gush of wind will push her down one.

Clar4Real: Good one!

LuceyLu: Not funny, the molten rock (called Magma) would burn her flesh off and the smoke inhalation would intoxicate her lungs. Not to mention the fall of hitting hard rock.

CaliKndl: Your right.

Clar4Real: Absolutely.

CaliKndl: Bye Luce

Clar4Real: Yup, c ya


By now I was truly excited. Who knows what the summer has in store for me? Maybe I’ll meet a dashing Fijian prince? Maybe I’ll learn how to surf or snorkel? All I know is that this is going to be one exciting trip, and I want it to be a trip of a life time.





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