Direction Beach

I remember the day One Direction's first ever song came out, on that legendary beach...



2. Gone Wrong, But Oh-So Right...




It was literally on my mind all day. When me and Ariana went shopping, my eyes kept drifting towards the beach, and imagining five human gods, Zayn walking along the sand of life... oh god. I needed to get there. I needed to meet them, it had been my dream since; well since One Direction were born. Which isn't that long. But oh well.

I imagined seeing Harry's smile in the flesh, and Zayn's hair, and hugging Liam, and the rest of them, and breathing the same air as them. We couldn't have picked a better time to arrive here at Malibu, just as my idols were going to be here. Filming their first song too. I imagined the headlines; 1D member finds perfect date on a romantic beach filming set...

At the moment, me and Ariana were walking around a large shopping district, as we'd been doing all day but I couldn't hold it in much longer. The beach was calling my name, and you know, I actually felt a magnet pulling me towards it. Before Ariana could even argue, I grabbed her hand and bounded out the exit, apologising hastily as I crashed into people. We drew nearer and nearer to the beach, and my heart leapt as I saw a huge throng of girls heading towards the beach at a squillion miles per hour.

Right this was the time for me to act like Katniss in the Hunger Games. If I didn't get there first, I will die; I told myself. I will die. And I don't want to die. I dropped Ariana's hand and leaped onto a bike, and pedalled as fast as I could towards the set. Oh my god, I could see them. In the flesh.


I screamed, in which I hope a sexy way, and the wind was blowing my hair all over the place, which I also hoped looked sexy and not like I'd just been dragged through a pile of cat hair balls. We were a meter away now, and the eye contact I made with the group of girls also running towards them was very threatening. I was nodding at them, telling them to back off, and kind of let my attention slip from the bike...

The bike soured through the air, along with me and I crashed down onto the sand. For a good few seconds I could feel nothing, then a souring pain seared through my back and stomach, and tears began rolling down my face. As I attempted to move, I soon crashed down again, by the group of screaming girls jumping over me.


Oh hell no. She didn't just call Louis 'Lewis'. Hell no. I wanted to jump onto her back and rip out her hair. But as soon as she got towards the boys, the Directionator simply pointed at me and laughed.


Hours later, the girls had been ushered away by the LEGENDARY PAUL HIGGINS! and I was still lying on the ground, the pain so unbearable I was shocked into silence. The security didn't see me, and they walked away. 


I closed my eyes and lay on the sand, wondering where Ariana could be right now. I wanted to cry again, but I managed to hold it back, and let myself go.


"Er, hello? Guys we can't just leave her." I looked up and saw a mop of curls flipping around as he crouched next to me. Then a boy in stripes. A guy in shades. A guy with a sexy Irish accent, and a guy slowly lifting me to my feet. One flipping Direction.


"My god, are you okay?" asked Liam, his eyes widening in shock as I attempted to move, but instead I let out a loud scream, as my back made a horrible noise and my stomach groaned. Well the stomach groaning part could be due to my diet I'd put myself on for that day. After all, I wanted to look perfect for the boys.


"Obviously she's not okay Liam," Zayn rolled his eyes and clutched my hands. Oh god, I was being melted by those brown chocolate eyes. "But don't panic. This is just what happens in the rollercoaster that is life. We all make mistakes and we are going to get you to a hospital ok?"

"Yeah..." I murmured but I was distracted by Harry smiling at me, his hair blowing in the wind. When I made eye contact with him, he looked away and put his arm round my back, staring at the sand. The boys nodded at him, and walked back to set, and he led me groaning, off the beach.


"Er, that was a nasty fall," Harry said after a few minutes of silence.

"Yeah. I was just a bit desperate to meet you guys, I guess...could you sign my t-shirt please?"

"Yeah babe," and he crouched down, and carefully signed it, right in the centre, pressing on the butterflies swooping around my stomach. When he got up, he stared at me intently before leaning down and kissing me. 


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