Hope and Tyler Griffin share a bond most people can’t even dream off. And Hope has a gift. Hope can understand the world to the equivalent. Tyler tries to protect his little sister, but how can he protect her against death?

When their parents die in an unfortunate accident, Tyler flees into the city with Hope where they live on the streets. But trouble soon arises.
A vicious gang is after them. And only Hope can save them…..

A book filled with hope and a love that will go on any means to have its way. Hope can change the world....


1. Hope And Love


  Something warm breathed against my face, making my skin tingle. The feeling of lips brushed against my ear, soft and delicious. 

  "Rise and shine, sleepy head," a voice teased, soft and fragile. I smirked into my pillow. Of course it was Hope, the only one who would dare to sneak into my room and pretend to be a luscious sex god. Though she had no clue what she was doing to me. I mean, she's only ten. My little sister, for god's sake! Yet she was so...mature for her age. Sometimes I felt younger

I groaned and opened my eyes. It took a minute for my eyes to readjust to the light, being used to complete darkness. And there Hope was, propped up on her knees, an eager look set across her face, her brown layered hair blowing behind her in the breeze coming through the open window. 

I hugged her tightly. "Ah! You're strangling me!" Hope giggled, pushing away. That only made me hug her tighter.

I closed my eyes and sighed heavily, my nostrils picking up her sweet scent that emanated from her. I rested my chin on her head and breathed heavily.

"What's wrong with you?" Hope asked, breaking my chain of thought. My eyes snapped open and I blinked down at Hope.

"Nothing's wrong with me, Hope. Nothing at all. I'm just glad you're here," I said simply. pulling her away. Hope grabbed my hand and smiled innocently at me.

"Me too." She pulled me into a hug which I couldn't resist in giving back. She buried her head in my shoulders and I did with her hair. 


"Pass me the toast.

My mum smiled at me, pushing the slice of slightly burnt bread towards me, already covered in a thick spread of butter. I wrinkled my nose

"Burnt bread with butter? Mum, you've gave me Hope's breakfast!" I whined, thrusting the plate towards Hope's empty seat. I grabbed my plate of slightly done toast with a light spread of jam. My mum frowned

"Sorry, Ty. I'm tired," to prove her point she yawned and stretched, knocking over her mug of coffee which splattered to the ground. My mum smiled at me, rolling her eyes before disappearing to fetch a cloth.

Hope's laughter echoed round the kitchen walls and I looked up from my toast, smiling as I saw Hope hanging onto Dad's back, giggling like a little girl. I suppose she is a little girl, but she acts way too mature for her age.

I grinned, chewing on my toast as Dad plopped Hope onto her chair, a mad grin on his face. He ran his fingers through his messy brown hair, sitting next to us. I looked like my dad, apart from the fact he had green eyes and I had blue, like mum's and Hope's. I had brown hair that was messy, but "casual" as my Mum called it

Mum came hurrying into the kitchen, wiping the coffee spill on the floor. None of us paid attention to her; in this house, spills was an every day thing. Hope munched on her bread and smiled at me from across the table. I smiled back, probably showing her a disgusting mouth full of munched up toast and jam. She snorted into her food, suppressing a very big urge to laugh.  I gave her a quizzical look which made her laugh harder.

By this point, mum and dad were staring at us, confused but yet amused as well. I shrugged to them and Hope smiled at me. My mother rubbed my father's back, smiling at us as if to say "look at us, one big happy family!" I snorted at the thought.

I stared round my family and smiled. Nothing could get any better. Nothing could go wrong.

How wrong I was there.....






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