The Grim Reaper

The Grim Reaper.

The Grim Reaper is described as a man in a black cloak and carries a scythe. But what if the Grim Reaper had a daughter? What if the Grim Reaper died?

Alex Reaper takes on the post, but can she fulfil what her father did?

A book filled with suspense, dark, thrills and humour.


1. Reaping




The Grim Reaper stepped into the building, his cloak billowing behind him. He paid no attention. His two dark blue eyes stared coldly at his next victim, a young woman by the name of Silvia Robinson. s 

Silvia's eyes widen in horror when she saw the mysterious figure step into her apartment. She gulped and her body began to tremble. This was it. She was going to die.

"Make it quick," she pleaded to the Reaper, her voice trembling. The Grim Reaper stared into her eyes, and when Silvia stared into his, she saw her own death being played inside their depths. 

"I do not accept any requests. I kill you the way I want to. You shall have no say in your death," he told her coldly. Silvia nodded, tears brimming her eyes.

"Can I at least say my last words?" she asked. The Reaper considered this before nodding. Silvia took a deep breath, picking out her last words carefully. 

"Do not be afraid. Death is not something to be scared off, for I shall live in Paradise. I love you," she whispered to a picture of her fiancée, imagining he was there. The Reaper's cold heart soften. He felt feelings for this mortal. But he pushed the feelings aside and raised his scythe.  

Silvia closed her eyes, waiting for the moment where death would surely come. Instead, she felt something hard and solid hit the ground and someone fall to their knees in front of her. She opened her eyes and gasped, seeing the Reaper hunched on his knees, staring helplessly at the ground.

A hand cradled her cheek. The Grim Reaper's. "Why didn't you kill me?" Silvia asked, bewildered. The Reaper stared up at her, this time his eyes showing only pity. 

"I cannot condemn someone I love to death," he answered and kissed Silvia. 

"You shall reign with me in the land of immortality." 

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