Chasing The Sun


Ebony Hunter is a dancer who secretly wants to do singing. When she is assigned to choreograph The Wanted in time for their next song, she finds herself being drawn closer to Nathan Sykes, the band's youngest member. But what can she do when she is already engaged and is secretly in love with Nathan?


1. A Day With The Boys




I opened my locker, searching inside for my song book. Although I was a professional dancer, I really badly wanted to become a singer. I have wrote thousands of songs over the years, all in hope that one day, someone, anyone, might hear them.

My best friend, Lindsey, leaned against her locker, right beside mine. She smiled smugly and wiggled her finger accusingly at me.

"What?" I demanded. Lindsey liked to take her time in telling things. She smiled smugly again, only reinforcing my impatience. 

"You've been assigned to the next group to choreograph," she told me, "and guess who it is?" I shrugged, picking my song book and stuffing into my bag.

"You are choreographing none other than....The Wanted!!" she announced. My eyes bulged. The Wanted, a popular boy band, or should I say man band because they've all grown up now, from the U.K where my favourite band ever. My eyes darted to the large poster of them stuck on my locker and I groaned thinking about the fuss everyone will make. That was the down side. The plus side is...I get to met The Wanted!!

I hid my emotions under a mask and stared coldly at her. "You better not be joking," I hissed. Lindsey shook her head, still smiling to herself. "Oh great. This is going to be impossible. They're terrible dancers!"



I clapped my hands, the sound echoing off the white walls. I dropped my bag on the floor and kicked it aside, examining the boys staring at me with amused looks. Jay, James McGuinness, smiled at me cheekily, flicking his brown curly hair away from his stunning clear blue eyes. Tom Parker stared cheekily at me, probably planning on a new joke. Max and Siva stared blankly at me, having been quietly whispering. And then, Nathan Sykes staring stunned at me, mouth open.

It gave me pleasure to see Nathan staring like an idiot. He closed his mouth and gulped, glancing at Jay.

"Right! Listen up! I've seen your dancing and frankly it's quite terrible when you don't have a teacher to teach you. Free style isn't your thing. So, no need to give me any demonstrations, Parker," I said coldly, my eyes flickering to Tom who was dancing in a circle. The boys laughed and Tom shrugged, standing still.

Although I was secretly screaming inside, this was my job, so I had to be professional like about it. I just pretended they weren't my favourite band and they weren't famous. Easy. 

I hit the play button on the boom box. "Let me show you what you will be going through," I explained. As the beat came on, I began to dance impressive moves that I had already prepared. The boys stared in awe at me as I danced and when the music stop, they cheered. 

"Wish I had hips like that," Tom muttered sulkily and then began to wiggle his hips and make funny faces. The boys laughed and I couldn't resist but to join them. 

Tom punched my lightly on the arm. "Just checking if your a human and not a robot," he said when I flinched. I smiled. 

"Well, no time for jokes Parker, we've only got two week before your international tour, two weeks before you're off to L.A," I said. Nathan blinked at me.

"How'd you know that? The L.A bit?" he asked. I blushed. "I'm going to your concert and I keep track of it....I'm a fan," I explained.

Nathan grinned. "Good choice," he agreed. I smiled at him. 

"Anyway, Jay, I've seen a video of you dancing on stage, you're quite good. Better than these morons," I said, playfully slapping Nathan on the arm.

"Ow," he muttered, rubbing his arm. "Wimp," I hissed back at him. He smirked at me. 

Oh god. I think I'm in love with Nathan Sykes.....

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