This poem was as spontaneous as it is possible to be. I was standing one evening, waiting for something insignificant, when all of a sudden, I looked up to see those enchanting stars in the sky above us, and started reciting this poem, already formed in my head, although I was unaware of it ever forming or being there. So here is my poem, obviously straight from my heart. Enjoy. - My entry for the Poetry Competition (with video!)


1. Stars


I do believe -

That when the sky falls away,

The stars will come bouncing to earth,

Glittering, laughing.

As their whole lives long they have spent

Watching the days and nights, seasons and years,

Mountains and valleys, rivers and seas,

The tiny people living their insignificant lives

On the soil beneath their feet:

Watching the stars as the stars watched them.


I do believe -

That the stars cry tears

To twinkle gently in their own glow

So soft and subtle

They can’t be seen from below.

Tears that as they drop down to the earth

Create rainbows of colour and life -

Tears that finally splash unnoticed

Amongst the rain and thunder of our world:

Never to be marvelled at for their beauty.


I do believe -

That when the moon gets lonely,

The stars will sing,

Filling the sky with a radiant song.

As the stars smile and the moon beams back,

The hymns of praise and love are awakened,

Played throughout the universe.

Then, the universe listens to the heavenly music,

And the moon dances, joining in with creation:

Singing to the stars as the stars sing to them.

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