An Impossible Love

Mandy met the love of her life, by fate,Harry styles. Everything happened through Skype, will that be the beginning of something real?


1. Fake.



I just couldn't stop looking for pictures, informations, some news about them, i don't know what was exactly happening to me, i bet google was tired of my writing their names over and over. I'm not  a little girl anymore and i never really had a crush in a band EVER.  ''Mandy!!'' - I said to myself,  ''You're 20 years old for god sake, you have a boyfriend that you LOVE, what are you doing after 5 adorable kids?'' -Still speaking alone.  '' 'kay yeah, whatever''.


i opened my laptop as i usually do, everything normal, my eyes were pretty low, i had a really bad night, and i wasn't having a good day so far. Checked some mails, my Facebook, tweeted ''Morning'' and went to Skype so i could say ''hi'' to my boyfriend Mike. Since my cellphone broke i had to use Skype which i never use must confess. So i got online and saw plenty of friends requests there, no surprise i didn't even remember when was the last time i used it. Scrolling down the names of tons of people i've never heard of, I suddenly stopped and said sarcastically ‘’HOW FUNNY!!!’’ I had a friend request under the name of –Harry Styles-. ‘’People seriously need to find something to do with their lives these days’’ –I said, but for some reason I ended up accepting the clown of a person who was trying to fool every single poor little fan out there pretending to be someone he’s –she’s not.


After a couple of days of seeing the freaking name in my contact list OFFLINE, i was about to delete it when it came online JUST IN TIME. ''it's your lucky day'' -i said sarcastically. I double clicked over the person's name, a text window opened immediately i saw how the person had the same picture ''Harry'' had on instagram ''what the heck?'' -i thought.

''Yeah, hello? i was wondering you know, why in the world exist people like you'' - i wrote to him/her.

''Wait.. what?, what are you talking about? do i know you?'' - The  unknown said.

''Well i'm sorry but i'm just tired of people making fun of others, i don't understand what it's that you get by pretending to be someone you're not.'' - i said angrily.

''i'm the one who's sorry, i don't even know you, i may understand what your point is, but i guess you had to ask first, don't you think?'' -the mysterious person said.

Well actually i was being kinda rude, wasn't i?, i just tried to calm down a bit and kept writing.

''kay then, sorry if it was out of proportion, i'm Mandy'' - i wrote.

''Oh hey  MANDY, nice meeting you, i'm Harry.'' - He got the guts to say.

''haha oh really?  harry?'' - i said laughing.

''Yeah love, Harry..why?- he adorably said

''Well harry i'd like to see your face, can we have a video call?'' i made my move it was now or never.

''Umm.. actually, i'm kinda busy now, i need to be going'' -He said rapidly 

Ughh... i knew it, another FAKE account ''sigh''.

''oh sure, i forgot you had a pretty busy and famous life'' I couldn't be more sarcastic 

''What? no i just.. really need to go.'' He said while logging off.

Ohhh..Great. -i said.

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