Hurting the one you love

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you always end up hurting the one you love.

19 Year old Skye lives with her boyfriend Dominic.
Every time he promises (every time he breaks that promise) to stop hurting her. When Skye meets the charming 20 year old Thomas, she finds herself laughing and enjoying time with somebody else for a change.
She soon discovers that there is more that one way to hurt the one you love...


1. Covering up



" Look, Skye... It will be different this time! I promise, im enrolled in them classes you found... Nothing will happen again!" Dominic said, his voice growing irritated already. My resolve wobbled slightly already. Maybe it was my fault this time like he had said... Perhaps there would not be a next time. He had finally enrolled in those classes I had suggested timidly weeks ago. Seeming to notice my wavering, Dominic moved in to kiss me gently. I made to move my head so he could not. To no effect, he simply captured my face. Gently cupping it in one hand. 

I was determined to remain motionless and not show my willingness to kiss him. His lips pressed against mine though, and I forgot everything else. When we broke apart he smiled at me sweetly, not releasing his hold on my face yet. 

" I will go tell the nurse we are going home" He whispered, warm breath blowing across my face. I just sit there on the hospital bed, my face bruised and waiting for him. One last chance, he will not blow it this time... Im sure...





When we got back home I avoided looking in the mirror most of the evening, not wanting to see the damage. The next day though, I had too as I applied some fresh make up. My desire for make up today went deeper than wanting to look pretty, I knew that I was covering for Dominic. My fellow workers at the shop never mentioned anything if I came in with a sudden heavy layer of make up. I guess maybe they were afraid of the answer, or maybe they just did not care enough to notice. I used to wonder if Dominic ever thought about the consequences of his temper. He didn't of course, it was a quick thing. A spur of the moment decision.  I hastily shoved lots of foundation and concealer on my face, the bruises were still there. Just masked slightly. I hoped they just looked like I had maybe had a rough nights sleep or something similar. Rather that than my boyfriend had beaten me up. I hated thinking of it like that, it made Dominic seem like a cold blooded and harsh person. He was nice, and he was going to change.... He had promised, and you don't break promises.

Dominic was eating breakfast at the table when I walked in the kitchen to grab a piece of toast to eat before I left for Tesco. He winced when he saw my face. My heart ached right then, he was clearly heartbroken at what he had done. I smiled reassuringly at him as I made myself the toast and gulped down a cup of tea he had made me quickly. 

" Are you going to be ok? For work today I mean..." He asked as I grabbed my coat. I nodded and swooped down to kiss him before leaving.

The cool fresh morning air caressed my face as I walked to the bus. Dominic said he never had time to drive me to work, and as I was not allowed my own car yet, I had to walk. I did not mind today though, the fresh air blew across my face. Like it was kissing my sore face better. It was quite early as I worked the morning shift at the supermarket, and the suns warmth had not fully permeated the surroundings yet. The morning dew still clung to each blade of grass and a fine mist hung around the higher surfaces.

Reaching the supermarket, Skye went to sign in.

" Skye, good to see your here!" Said the voice of her manager, Dave. " This is Thomas, he is starting here today. Im going to have him doing the shelves in the back with you." I tried to smile back at them both. Thomas was rather good looking. His soft brown hair flopped in his bright blue eyes, causing him to flip it delicately out of them. He smiled, and she noted his teeth were a perfect gleaming white. 

" Hey there, call me Tom!" He said, extending a hand for her to shake. Taking it she felt herself blush. What was wrong with her? Dominic was her boyfriend, she lived with him! When that happens you don't go around blushing and checking other people out. Turning away from this Toms handsomeness, a stark contrast to her middle aged boss Dave, she simply said. " Oh, well that's nice... I could use some help today anyway." 

" Well that's good, So I will be getting on then!" Dave said, and she heard him move away. 

They worked in silence for a while. Skye was hyper-aware of Tom being in the same room, close enough to touch, as her. Still she pretended that she wasn't, and carried on with her work. Whoever said that supermarket work was not hard work had clearly never worked in one. The work is backbreaking and for a meager pay as well, in a way its good for distractions. Unless you happen to be working alongside your distraction. After about ten minutes of only slight questions about where to put what and sorry if they accidentally brushed against  each other, Tom turned to speak with her. 

" I saw you walking to work today, by the traffic lights." he said. Skye knew she should ignore him, Dominic would not like to think she had been speaking with other men. It had taken a lot to convince him to let her come to work, if he found out about her flirting with other men... She would be in the house all day again. She couldn't just stay silent though. In the end she decided to just be honest with Tom, well to a certain extent anyway...

" Yeah im sure you did, listen... I don't mean to be rude, but... I can report you to the manager if you carry on flirting!" To her surprise Tom laughed. " That wasn't flirting love, its called making conversation. Humans do that a lot!" He seemed to be teasing her. After a moment he winked adding. " I wouldn't mind flirting with you some time though!" Now red in the face again, as he continued to laugh. Skye opened her mouth, preparing to threaten him again, when it hit her that he was messing around. Oh so he was a comedian was he?

" Well im afraid you never will!" She said, hoping to wound him and crush his hopes. Even though, if she was honest with herself... She knew that she would love to flirt with him. He did not look like a bad guy, probably very kind and gentle. Never hitting and listening to reason first. Still she had Dominic at home. That should be good enough, should be...

" I will keep that in mind darling, what I wanted to ask is if you required a lift? I could pick you up from your house and bring you here? Dave, the manager you threaten to report me too, said we had the same shift pattern..." So this Tom was also thoughtful, did he have any faults? Surely accepting a lift would not be so bad? It would get her to work on time, mean she would not have to travel in bad weather and... Mean an argument about it with Dominic. He claimed that he was too busy during the day to drive her to work, and she was not allowed her own car. He had never mentioned anything about her getting a lift with somebody, something told her that he would not like it though. Something of her confliction must have shown on her face, for Tom frowned. " If you don't want to that fine... I was only trying to be helpful..." he said nervously. Adding helpful to the list of things he was, Skye sighed.

" Its not that I don't like you... I just don't think..." she began. Tom turned around to face her, a hard look on his face. Carelessly flicking his hair out of his eyes again. 

" What is wrong?" He had known her less than half of the time all theses other workers had known her. Yet in the first half an hour of their meeting he had asked her something nobody had ever thought to ask before. Feeling slightly warm, she decided to steer the conversation away from here. 

" Nothing, I would appreciate a lift... Thank you." No need to add that the thank you went deeper. The acceptance of his offer distracted him, just as she had hoped. Smiling he asked for her address. Deciding that would be no good she hastily said. " no, I mean.... I have to be somewhere first in the mornings... Could you pick me up from... say Costa instead? I could wait outside...." He accepted this and arranged to meet her there. Hoping that Dominic was in a good mood to agree to her leaving a little earlier, Skye returned to work.

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