The Rag Doll

Children are full of imagination and wishes, so when one girl's wish becomes a reality she's in shock. But when she dies suddenly in her 20's, suspicion rises around the rag-doll that started everything.


1. Prologue.

She ran down the stairs, holding a pink dressing-gown that was a few sizes too large around her frail body. Her blonde hair was blown back by the cool, winter air as she ran. She took a last two steps and jumped off the staircase. She stopped outside her parent's door and tied the string around her to hold her gown in place. Her tiny hands opened the door, she popped her head around the corner then ran in, jumping on top of the two bodies that were being covered by the purple and black duvet.

"Mum! Dad!" she shouted, continuing to bounce on the springy mattress.

"What is it, Tayla?" An agitated voice whispered from underneath the white pillow.

"It's my birthday today!" she replied, her voice was full of excitement.

"Yes, that's right, sweetie. Mummy will be getting up in a few minutes, why don't you go and turn on the telly and get comfy?" her mother said, her voice was calm and gentle. She wrapped her arms around her daughter and gave her a quick peck on the cheeks.

"Alright, Mummy!" Tayla said, running back out of the room, making sure to shut the door behind her. She skipped to the sofa and turned the television on, changing the channel to a cartoon.

About ten minutes later, her parents emerged from the bedroom carrying two presents each. Tayla's eyes widened and she began to squeal. Her mother sat down next to her, giving her daughter the two presents she was holding. Her father put down the presents he was holding on the table.

"Happy Birthday, sweetheart," her father said, giving her a quick cuddle before letting her get on with opening her presents.

She was in no rush to open them quickly, she took her time, carefully unwrapping the paper surrounding the presents, being sure not the rip the wrapping-paper with the sellotape.

The first present she opened was a silver locket with a picture of the three of them inside. The second present was a sparkly, pink bracelet she had had her eyes on for a few months now. The third present was a new dress, covered in hundreds of small, black sequins. She was now on the fourth present.

Her thin fingers reached underneath the paper and carefully tugged and released the sellotape. She unwrapped the item and held it up to her face. There in her hands was a small rag-doll that had a vague resemblance to herself; blonde hair, pale skin and blue eyes.

"It looks like me, Mummy!" she exclaimed, showing the doll close to her mother's face. She let out a small laugh.

"Yes, it does, Tayla."

"Hmm," Tayla said, staring at the doll. "I'm gonna call you Susie!"



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