Fixed to be Broken

A simple poem telling the tragic tale of a girl, whose heart has been broken one too many times... (My entry for that poetry contest. Poetry isn't my strong point so I am open to all advise and constrictive critisism anyone has to offer)

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I closed my eyes, nous not to be woken,

I offered my heart, fixed to be broken.

Senses caressed with pallid fingertips,

Night deep scars engraved with contact of lips.

Silky skin merges with your soft, sweet kiss,

Soul immersed into a velvet abyss.

Not to immerge from my rapture of haze,

Ignorant to your dismissive jade gaze.

I plot your scheme, when I do reminisce

Wishing I had known then what I did miss.

What I grasped when you lived up to your name,

The spiteful motive behind your true aim.


I opened my eyes, nous to be woken,

I mourn my late heart, fixed to be broken.

Shoulders of ice you have focussed my way,

Now the high price, you aren’t willing to pay.

Quite clear is your appalling intention;

I can see through your pleaded redemption.

You killed me before, knife merged to my back

Watching beyond as I wept tears of black.

When it came to love, you left my heart last,

As you have done in cold-blooded nights past.

Tore me apart; owned both parts to my whole,

My trust is void, as is my damaged soul.


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