Sick Little Games


1. The Beginning

I couldn’t believe him. It was nearly 2AM on a Monday night and he just wouldn’t stop calling and texting me. My phone has been going crazy for the past fifteen minutes but I was trying my best to ignore it. Let’s just say that I loved making him wait and suffer for what he was begging for so much. I was casually listening to music on my laptop when a sudden sound snapped me out of my peaceful state. I closed my laptop and got up immediately. The same sharp noise happened again. It’s by the third time that I finally understood what was actually going on. Oh, that little prick. I slowly walked to my window and then I saw it; that damn stupid smile and those pleading eyes looking up at me. He threw rocks at my freaking window? How fucking cliché. I opened my window and leaned outside a little so I was sure he could hear me.


“Throwing rocks at my window? Are you fucking serious, Styles? ” I said, trying to sound pissed off.

“For fuck sakes, Skye! Let me in… It’s freezing out here! ” he said, visibly shaking.

I sighed very loudly. I was going to let him in, of course but… Like I said before, I loved to keep him waiting.

“Alright… But you’ll have to climb up here. I’m not letting you in by the front door, you can forget about it. ” I said, with an innocent smile on my face.

“You can be a real bitch sometimes, ya know that? ” he screamed at me, laughing.

I joined in with him, seeing him struggle to climb was just hilarious. I couldn’t help but laugh at him.

“Oh, you know… I try my best. ” I said, smiling.

After 5 long minutes of struggling and swearing, Harry finally made it to my window and as I was just trying to be nice, I offered him my hand to help him out but the asshole chose to let himself fall on top of me. I should have known. I was now on my bedroom floor with Harry Styles on top of me and obviously, he was refusing to move. Many girls would actually kill to be in my position I guess but to be honest, it was an usual thing for me. We’ve been fuck buddies for four months now. Having him on top of me on my bedroom floor has become a common thing I’d say… But if you want the full story, if someone would have told me four months ago that I would become that close to Harry, I would have laughed in that person’s face. Let’s just say that Harry and I always had this weird relationship and as he leaned down to kiss me, it all came back to me. Where it all started…


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