A book full of my poems, enjoy.


1. Outside

The elegant bird's singing,

The church bell's ringing.

Ding Dong,

I listen to the song,

The song that travel's through the village.


I take a step out of the door,

My petite feet reaching the floor.

The grass starts to wave from side-to-side,

Like the white sand and the water's tide.

I feel like I'm on a voyage.


 The tree's whistling as I take another step,

I know that today won't be a regret.

Out of the garden I walk

Maybe If I'm lucky I'll see a hawk.

I look up to the skies.


My body can feel the spirit of love,

As a beautiful bird flies up above.

I look at my window,

I left my curtains to flow.

I say my last Goodbye's. 

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