The Dark

A random snippet of prose I wrote late at night when I couldn't sleep.


1. Poetic Prose

I like the dark; I like the gentleness of the shade and the caress of the evening light. The way the stars shine through like rebels against the force of the night. I feel less exposed, my faults hidden or at least forgotten for a while. In the dark, things can be changed...manipulated. Priorities change. It's a whole new scenery. things seem calmer, quieter, more thoughtful. the darkness is thoughtful. It brings with it  a lull, time for things to be put to rest. 

I like the dark.

But I'm also afraid. Afraid of what the dark does. It holds secrets, the unknown. Things that can't be seen, bad things. The moon can be suffocated by the clouds and it's sparkling followers snuffed out, just like that. The truth is harder to see in the dark, what's real and what's not. everything is implicit. Adventure becomes danger. The dark is sly, deceiving and quick.The blackness of the silent sky can seep into your heart and runaway with your love. We weep and cry at night, because we remember what we truly are.

I dislike the dark.

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