More Than This

Sequel to 'Sick Little Games'


1. The New Life

The sun. The heat. The palm trees. The beach. Everything here was just amazing. I loved it. People back home have different opinions about America but for me, I think it’s alot better than people make it out to be. Especially in Los Angeles, I had the time of my life over here. I had my doubts when I got here at first (and for obvious reasons that I will not discuss right now) but nowadays, I just loved it. My new life pleased me greatly and this is why I was so excited about this summer. This summer was going to be perfect. It was going to be filled with parties, going clubbing with my friends and going shopping with Claire: my wonderful new best friend. Speaking of her, she was laying down on the sand just by my side, babbling about gossip and celebrities. Since she was a famous actress, she just loved to buy all the gossip magazines that there is to find in this freaking state so that she could make sure to read everything that there’s to read about her. She wasn’t full of herself or anything… She was just really paranoid about what other people said about her. “ Oh my god! I got voted best dressed in US Weekly this month! ” She shrieked. From the corner of my eyes, I saw her do her usual ridiculous ‘happy dance’ whenever she got good news. I laughed a little at the sight of her stupid dance moves but slapped her arm right away when I noticed paparazzis snapping several shots not too far from where we were on the beach.  “ Stop doing that, you idiot! Your nice moves will be all over the internet this afternoon! ” I laughed  as I laid back down on my towel. My tan was already perfect but I couldn’t help myself, I just loved laying there under the sun for hours, just talking and laughing with Claire. It was simple with her. She was fun, outgoing and I knew I could trust her. She knew all of my secrets and I knew everything that there’s to know about her too. At first, I thought she’d be just one of those stuck-up celebrities but we bonded the night I found her hiding in my back yard, trying to get away from paparazzis. She was living next door and since she looked like a mess after a wild night of partying, she couldn’t to use her front door because of them so she just chose to sneak into my garden to get to her place but when I found her on her knees, in the bushes near the pool, she had some explaining to do. Also at first, I must admit that I didn’t really like her because she was so damn perfect. She’s gracefully tall, long blonde hair and she’s also probably the prettiest girl I’ve met in my entire life but when I got to know her… I realized that she was alot more than just a pretty face.  “ Skye, do you think Jimmy is playing me? I mean… All he wants to do is have sex but that’s not what I want but I don’t know how to talk to him about it… ” Claire whined, staring at her cellphone in her hands. Oh, Claire and her boy problems.  “ Stop complaining! Atleast, one of us is getting laid! ” I joked, earning a glare from my friend.  “ You could easily get a boyfriend, Skye. It’s you the problem! You’re too picky! ” Claire dramatically exclaimed. She’d been trying for months now to find me a boyfriend but it was just completely unnecessary since I wanted to be alone and anyways, none of these guys were for me. “ I just like being alone, that’s all! Can we drop the boyfriend subject now, please? ” I said a little bit annoyed, readjusting the sunglasses on my face. I laid back down again and sighed heavily. Claire knew why I was like that with boys… I told her everything about home and him. It was just sometimes really annoying how she kept pushing me to meet all of these boys when she knew I still couldn’t get the other one out of my head.  “ Oh shit! ” Claire suddenly gasped. I turned around and found her looking at another magazine with a terrified expression on her face. She honestly looked like she was about to pass out. “ What’s up with you!? ” I laughed a bit but I was still worried. She genuinely looked horrified by what she just read in this magazine.  “ You’re not gonna like it… ” Claire mumbled as she handed me the magazine. I shakily took it and the second I saw the first 2 words… I froze.  For 2 entire years, I was able to escape them. I’ve been able to escape him and my past. But I knew I couldn’t run forever. I knew one day it would come back and explode in my face but I wasn’t ready for that yet… I definitely wasn’t ready to face him but it looks like I’ll have to deal with it alot sooner than I expected. I could now forget about my perfect summer in peace… My heart was pounding and my head felt like it was about to explode as I read the headline again and again: ‘One Direction: Taking over The City of Angels for the next 3 months!’   Well, it would be fair to say that I was now absolutely fucked.


The silence was so excruciating and weird, it was so unusual for me and Claire to be that quiet during a car ride but I had my reasons today… I wasn’t mad at Claire or anything but I just didn’t want to talk at all. I knew she wanted me to talk about it but anyways, I just couldn’t even think of what I would say in the first place. All of this time, I suffered in silence and I never really thought about what I would do or say when I’d have to see him again… I missed him so much even though I tried my best to shut out my feelings but still, I spent 2 years missing him and now knowing that I’ll most likely have to see him again soon was just too overwhelming. It was such a bittersweet feeling thinking about the whole situation. I felt excited to see him but at the same time I wasn’t ready to face him at all… Probably because I never said goodbye to him. He had to learn the information that I left the country from Louis himself… That’s why he has all the right to hate me to be completely honest, I can’t blame him. But even if he still hates me, that doesn’t change my feelings towards him. Nothing will probably ever change the fact that I am completely in love with Harry Styles. I smiled sadly to myself as I looked outside the window, the sun, the beach, the weather… Everything here was just so perfect. My life here was fun but peaceful. No drama… Just some casual fun with my friends but everything was about to change. It’s always like that with Harry. Nothing is ever easy and I just know things will get complicated again. The car finally stopped infront of my house or should I say villa. God bless my dad for making so much money with his company. 

I sighed heavily as I turned to Claire who was just by my side in the driver seat. She smiled, trying to comfort me I guess. I appreciated her efforts but it was useless.  “ So we’re here… Are you sure you don’t want to come over tonight? ” Claire sweetly asked. I knew she thought a sleepover would make everything all better but it was going to take alot more than a marathon of The Office and a really good pizza to make me feel better.  “ No, I’m good. I’ll just stay in and wish I could just go crawl in a hole and die! ” I dramatically exclaimed with a huge fake smile on my face.  “ C’mon, don’t be like that! Los Angeles is a very big city… You might not even see him while he’s here! ” Claire said trying to sound confident but she was visibly unsure of her own words. It was sweet how she tried so hard to make me feel better. She was a good friend after all and I loved her alot for that.  “ Yeah… But knowing how unlucky I am, I know it’s not how it’s gonna happen…” I breathed. I hugged her quickly and made my way out of the car as I said my goodbyes to her. She drove away and I found myself standing there, not moving. I was just standing on the sidewalk, not moving at all. Now that I was all alone, it just became so real suddenly. I was going to see him again. I’ll have to face him and surely, I’ll have to explain myself for not saying goodbye and obviously… I’ll have to explain why I left. When my breathing got erratic just at the thought of that, I ran inside, wanting to lock myself in my bedroom and never come out.  I ran past my step-mother who kept asking what was wrong but I was definitely not in the mood to deal with her, so I just ignored the bitch, made my way to my bedroom and slammed the door behind me immediately after. I threw my bag on my bed and burried my face in my hands. This was all too much. What was I going to say to him? ‘Oh hi Harry, I fled the country because I love you too much and I can’t be selfish by being with you when you deserve so much better. I’ve been miserable ever since I left though, you should know that! And oh, how’s the career going?’ There’s being honest and there’s this. I was not going to give him the satisfaction of knowing that I spent the last 2 years missing him. I know that I’ll see him sooner or later so I just had to work a plan out or something, to show him that I’m doing great. I have my pride after all… He’s the popstar-heartthrob -celebrity now and all I have is… nothing. All I’m doing is partying and spending my dad’s money. I have nothing going on for me at all. I just really wanted to look like I have atleast something good going on for me… Ha! I got it! Okay, it was probably a tiny bit crazy but oh well… This is Hollywood. Everyone is crazy around here.  I smiled wickedly as I grabbed my iPhone and happily punched in my friend’s number. Oh god, I can’t believe I was going to do this.  “ Hey Skye! What’s up? ” My friend Matt said cheerfully (he was also Claire’s older brother by the way), my smile grew wider at the sound of his voice.  “ I have a favor to ask you! ” I blurted out.  “ Fine, what do you want? ” Matt laughed, he even sounded a bit curious.  “ How would you feel about… pretending to be my boyfriend for a couple of weeks? ” 

- -

“ Are you out of your freaking mind!? ” Claire exclaimed, looking at me as if I officially went mad. Maybe she wasn’t too far from the truth actually…  I smiled sheepishly at Matt and Claire, who were sitting on my bed, staring at me and waiting for me to explain my crazy idea.  “ Look, I know it looks bad but- ” I started but Claire didn’t let me finish.  “ Skye, you are asking my brother to be your fake boyfriend for the whole summer! ” Claire half-screamed. I also detected a hint of laugh in there too.  “ It’s not like it’s going to be a 24/7 job! More like a… Part-time thing? ” Claire rolled her eyes at   my words and nudged her brother to say something. Matt sighed very loudly and cleared his throat. I couldn’t quite make out if he was in or not. He looked like he wanted to help me but he also seemed to find the idea completely crazy. “ You do know that in the end, it’ll probably fuck up and blow up in your face if we actually do it… You know that right? ” Matt laughed, looking at me, like he was trying to make me see how stupid my idea actually was. I knew it was… I knew it was a crazy and stupid thing to do. These things only happens in movies but… I was desperate. I had no other choice. If I can parade around with a cute guy on my arm, I’ll look alot less… lonely.  “ I know this is crazy but… I have to do it! ” I sighed. I was about to beg him, I really was. I could always ask another guy but Matt was my closest guy friend in L.A. We’ve been friends ever since I got here 2 years ago and our relationship would be believable since we knew each other so well.  “ I don’t get why it’s so suddenly important for you to pretend that you have a boyfriend! ” Claire mumbled, still confused about my motivations.  “ Because I don’t want Harry to see that I’ve spent the last 2 years being completely miserable because of him! ” I blurted out. I could now see in Claire’s eyes, that she understood why I was doing this. She knew how much I cared about him but she also knew how much pride I have. I’d rather die than let him know that I spent all that time crying over him… even if it’s entirely true.  “ Okay… Let’s say that I’ll do it… What’s in it for me? ” Matt asked curiously. I swear in that moment, I absolutely didn’t know what to say. I thought about paying him but that would be just weird. It would feel like paying for a prostitute so, no, bad idea. So there I was, completely loss for words.  “ If you do it, I’ll buy you a car. ” Claire’s voice startled me. What? What did she just say? Wasn’t she the one completely against this whole plan a second ago? I just stared at the both of them, waiting for some explications because Claire’s motives were completely beyond me right now. “ Are you shitting me!? ” Matt said, not sure if she was serious or not.  “ My best friend needs your help so… I’ll buy you a car if you do that for her. I’m tired of driving you around anyways! ” Claire laughed. I couldn’t believe it! She was going to do this for me. A part of me wanted to cry my eyes out because I was so happy to have Claire in my life but still, I wasn’t a big fan of people seeing me cry so I just smiled instead. Matt jumped on his feet, he vigorously shook my head like an idiot.  “ You got yourself a deal, Isaacs! ” He said with a big satisfied smile on his face. He was going to do it. He was going along with my plan and it made me happy but a part of me felt terrible… I’ll have to lie to the boys. I’ll have to lie to Harry… The sound of someone texting me made me jump and as Matt literally jumped on Claire to hug her fiercely, my eyes widened at the message I just read. ‘Hey its niall I dont know if u saw but well be in LA all summer so Im rly excited to see u! The boys and I r landing in 3 days!! xxx’  “ Shit… ” I muttered as I realized that I only had 3 days left before the beginning of my nightmare.

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