Live While We're Young {PERMANENT HIATUS}

Lauren and Caroline are two sixteen year olds who are dedicated directioners. They go to London for the summer and buy One Direction tickets. ©


1. London

Lauren's POV

We're fangirling like crazy right now! We're about to go to London where, guess what? WHERE ONE DIRECTION LIVES! And to make it even better, we have FRONT ROW tickets to their concert! I tie my auburn hair up in a bun. It's kinda hot in the airport. We only have a couple of minutes until we board the plane, and it can't get here fast enough! Why can't planes get places in two seconds?! Ok now the plane has landed! We have to give the lady our tickets now. Yay! We're on! This is gonna be a fun, exciting adventure!

Caroline's POV

We finally get on the plane and we start listening to "Gotta Be You" when a flight attendent spills a cup of pepsi all over us. "Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry!" she said in a high pitched voice, "Let me go get you some napkins!" She returns quickly and hands us the napkins and we say "Thank you," in unison and start cracking up. After cleaning ourselves up, we start laughing again. "I can't wait for the concert!" I said. "Me niether!" said Lauren. After a flight that felt like forever, we collect our bags and leave the airport. We get a cab to our hotel and check in. Once we get to our room we shower, put our PJ's on, and fall asleep almost immediately.



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