Small Bump

One day Carmela is just a normal girl that goes to her best friend William's party. The next day she is pregnant with Zayn Malik's baby. Zayn comes back and finds out the baby is his. They move in together in Zayns flat in london and Zayn is practically always gone. Carmela is practically always left alone. And pregnant.


1. Chapter 1

I was walking home from the bus stop. I hated going to school. All the teasing because of my baby belly. I only had one friend now, William, he was my only friend ever since I found out I was pregnant. Ever since I told anyone he was supportive. Even more supportive than my parents. William was like the school stereotypical jock. He was captain of the soccer team. Only part of my old friends that actually was nice to me. The super cute brown old 'bieber' swoop. I used to be in the popular group but not since that night....
"William truth or dare?" I asked attempting to sound intimidating.
"truth" William said sounding a little cocky. We were at one of the biggest parties of the year. It had almost ended just a few of us left. Probably going to crash here at Williams house. 
"okay which of us here would you like to kiss. BESIDES your girlfriend" I said looking around the circle. William was siting cuddling with his girlfriend Patricia. Next to them was lillian and Toby, Samantha and Tyler,  Abigail and kaitlyn. The twins.  Then there was Ryan, David, chad, Luke and of course the mysterious and sexy zayn Malik. The biggest crush I had on him. 
"easy. chad." William said winking cheekily at chad. 
"willy getting your sex on!" I yelled mock wolf whistling at him. If anything I was closest to William then all of the fake blond bitches we hang out with. Except Abigail she was not blonde she was a fake brunette. 
"anyways." William continued staring at zayn. Oh god. Willy you know the crush I have on him."zayn truth or dare?" he said winking at me. Oh god. William Andrew Everett mcnaughton. You know zayn always picks dare.... By now I was shooting William death stares. I hope he can read minds because he wasn't getting very nice messages from me.
"dare" zayn said like it was obvious. Which it kind of was. 
"I dare you, zayn Malik, to go in the extra room with her." he said pointing at zayn then at me when he said her. Oh lord kill me now. "Carmela Tiffany lizabeth manda guss,  and plaaaaaayy 7minutes in heaven." William said dragging out play and saying '7 minutes in heaven' really quickly. 
"okay." zayn said simply standing up and pulling me up. We walked down the hallway to Williams spare room. Zayn closed the door and locked it behind him.
"are we actually going to do this?" I whispered to zayn once we were alone.
"not unless you want to." zayn said lying down and getting comfy on the bed. 
I pulled my phone out of the pocket on my nice jean short shorts. I sat next to zayn on the bed. I shot William a text.
To: Villiam is de best;) (he chose his name OK?)
Do we really have to do this?
Message sent. Almost immediately my phone buzzed indicating I had a new text.
From: Villiam is de best;)
Just cause you asked you will have to stay in there all night.-love you. Willy Xx.
I let out a loud graon.
"what's wrong?" zayn asked me looking up from where he was lying on the bed staring at the ceiling humming lightly.
"willy is making us stay in here all night." I said.
Zayn let out a Loud groan. I opened a new message.
To: Villiam is de best;) -love you too. Carmy Xx.
I felt a sudden chill. I snuggled up to zayn my head resting on his chest. He wrapped his arm around me. 
"carmy?" zayn said softly after a few minutes. He never calls me carmy. The only person that does is William. 
"why have we not talked as much as we used to?"he asked sounding sad.
" I kinda like you okay?" I blurted out faster than you can say 'mirror'.
"really?" he asked sounding hopeful
"umm....uh...ya." I said awkwardly.
"well Carmela. I like you too." he said looking down at me with those beautiful brown eyes. Next thing I knew I was leaning in. Our lips moved,in sync. After a long passionate kiss zayn swiped his tongue across my bottom lip. I opened my mouth almost immediately for him to gain access. After a few seconds of tongue battling his hand found the bottom of my favorite Mickey  mouse baseball shirt. He pulled it up gently as I quickly but gently started to unbutton his shirt. By now my shirt was completely off leaving me in just my bra  and shorts. I finally got zayns shirt off of him. He pulled away smiling in success. He started softly kissing my collar bone. He soon made his way down my neck and down my small belly. As soon as he reached around my belly button he stopped and just stayed there sucking. I let a small moan escape my lips. I felt zayn smile against my skin. 
He worked his way back up to my lips. We kissed for a good time and let my hands snake down to his pants getting his  belt undone was easy it was unbuttoning his shorts, that wasn't exactly the easiest. 
Once I finally got his pants unbuttoned zayn slid them off leaving him in only his boxers. I felt his abs up against my stomach as he kissed me. I brought my hands up and wrapped them around his neck my fingers playing in his hair. I felt his hands reach down and unbutton my shorts. Slipping them off. Leaving me in just my thong and bra. Then again zayn was only in boxers... Immediately after zayn had gotten my shorts off.
 His hand snaked up to the back of my bra. Unclasping it and leaving it hanging off my arms. Zayn finally just pulled the stupid thing off. I could feel what some people would like to call 'little zayn' up against my thigh. I pulled away from our kiss and leant down to zayns legs. I pulled off his boxers revealing..... Ermm.... 'him'. Zayn reached down and pulled off my black and pink frilly thong. Continuing to kiss me.
 Zayn reached down and grabbed his shorts. He pulled something out of his pocket. It looked like a.....condom. He planned on this. Whatever, i thought mentally rolling my eyes. Zayn slipped it on and went back to kissing me. Everything after that was a.....blur.
I woke up the next morning to find zay still beside me. The condom on the floor beside the bed. I looked and zayn had a death grip around my waist. I wriggled out of it and got up out of the bed. I was about to walk over to my bra to get it when I felt a hand grab mine.
"come back?" zayn asked in a very sexy morning voice.
"I can't boo. I have to go ride today." I said getting out of his grasp and walking over to my bra slipping it on.
"ride what?" zayn asked as I searched for my thong.
"looking for this?" zayn asked holding up my thong.
"yes!" I exclaimed lunging for it. Only to have it pulled away.
"uh uh uh. Only if you tell me what your riding." zayn said still holding my thong.
"my horse dumbass. Now can I have my underwear?" I asked him nicely.
"sure" he said handing me my thong. I slipped it on and put my clothes on. Zayn getting up quickly being me.
 I picked up any garbage we might have left behind and threw it out while zayn got dressed. I picked up the used condom and wrapped it in tissue then threw it out. 
"morning beautiful" zayn said slipping an arm around me.
"hey" I said. Smiling up at him. We made the bed together and went out to the kitchen. I smelt the Saturday morning mcnaughton house special. Blueberry and chocolate chip waffles. Me and zayn walked in hand in hand to find William and Patricia. Eating waffles. 
"hey willy." I said cheerfully and kissing him on the cheek. "hey Patricia." I said disgusted. I really don't like her and she does not like me. 
"gunna have any waffles carmy?zayn?" willy asked kissing my cheek also. I think I saw a hint of jealousy in Patricia's face. Bitch deserves it.
"no thank you. Poppits waiting" I said winking at willy. He named my pretty black horse. She was so sweet to. The cutest horse in the show ring. 
"ah yes. Normal Saturday as always? Anyway tell coach Margie I say hi!" willy said standing up and kissing my cheek again giving me a really big hug. 
"c'mon zayn let's go get some McDonald's or something." I said pulling zayn out of the house out to my car. I reached into the backseat and grabbed my riding bag. 
"you can stay in here I'm just gunna run inside and change quickly." I said to zayn as he got in the passenger seat. I took my bag back up to Williams house.

"willy! Just me! I called walking past the kitchen to get to the bathroom. As I walked past the kitchen I saw the worst thing ever. 

My bestfriend, William Andrew Everett Mcnaughton was going at it with Patricia the whore on the counter. 

past them covering my eyes. I ran into the bathroom locking he door being me. I quickly changed into my jodhpurs and a polo. Putting my hair into a pony tail, pulling some socks on my feet and pulling on my tall boots. Sitting on he toilet to get my tall boots on. I zipped up my tall boots before standing up and gathering my stuff.
I took my stuff and cautiously opening the door. I stepped out and snuck my way to the back door deciding to just walk around back. I left and went back to my car. 
"sorry I took so long" I apologized to zayn once I got back into my car.
"it's fine" he said pulling his seat belt on. I threw my other clothes in the back seat and turned on the car. I pulled the gear shift into drive and sped away from my bestfriends house. The horrible, horrible mental image of what happened not only a few minutes ago still in my mind.
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