Broken Anchor

Another middle school poem I wrote. Please tell me what you think! :D


1. Broken Anchor

Down, down, in the depths of the ocean,

A sunken ship lies in wait.

A broken anchor, a damaged mast,

A story waiting to be told.


Men leap and jump to board the ship,

The mightiest ever made,

Push off from the harbour wall

And out to sea she sails.


Out at sea, far away from help,

A whirlpool beckons them on.

The ship is tugged into the cold eye of the storm,

Dragged down, ever down, to rest on the sand.


The ship is sinking, the anchor's no use,

The whirlpool draws them in.

Screams pierce the night as fear envelopes,

No one can escape his fury.


And there she lies on the seabed,

To feel the wind no more.

Dolphins leap and dance,

Around the place where she sleeps, down, down, down

On the seafloor.

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