1. Scales

Scales shimmer in the moonlight night,

Reflecting the mysteries of the sky.

Rainbow hues sparkle-

Creating a beautiful glow.


Plumes of smoke drift on the breeze,

Clouding the shining stars:

A dark mist envelopes

The shadowed form of the beast.


Spikes lash the shivering air,

Slicing the currents to ribbons.

Prey scampers in terror-

Fleeing the sharp points of death


Amethysts twinkle off the ebony surface

Of the serene lakes below.

Trees bow before them;

Respecting the deadly jewels


The creature soars on the breeze,

Exhaling fiery fumes,

Flicking his tail behind him.

His eyes contain a dangerous glint-


As the rich purple dragon flies through the world.



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