Legacy of the Shadows

My entry for the legacy competition. Please like/ comment/ fave :) Thanx!


1. Legacy of the Shadows

Shadows creep through the endless night,

Spreading their despair throughout the streets

As the luminescent moon is disguised by clouds,

Former homes become empty shells,

Barring their doors from terrors of the night.

Silence floods the cobblestone lanes,

As eerie mists flow in from mysterious lakes,

The tides of which ebb,

Deserting the banks of the dead.

For bones litter the soot grey sand,

Bleached a dirty white from the attack of vicious waves.

Hidden secrets of the past reveal the horror that lurks within

Ancient, stained scrolls of the long forgotten cults.

Crimson blood slithers along the streets,

Seeping into the already submerged ground.

The true beginning of the shadows emerge

From the lies formed of fear and fright.

Wars were waged, battles fought,

Yet not even the bravest of the bold can overcome pure terror.

And in this story, though only now shown,

Is enscribed a legacy that none should dismiss.

A legacy of fear, and hate, and betrayal,

And words, that can never be forgiven.

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