Slender Man

This is my first novel and I don't care if you don't like it, just tell me if you don't please......... Charlette, or as everyone calls her Charlie, lost he best friend ,Sarah, to as her and her dad joked Slender Man. Charlie goes off to college and meets One Direction, but she thinks she keeps on seeing Slender Man in the trees. Did Slender Man really take Sarah? Will Harry and Niall help her through her fear of Slender Man coming for her too? Or will all of the boys help her through it? Will she fall in love on the way? Read to find out.


1. Chapter 1: Hide and Seek

                       *Charlie's POV"

          She was just 10 years old. My best friend, Sarah, went missing at the young age of 10. We went and played hide and seek in the woods. 

   "Mum, Dad we'll only be gone for a little bit, okay!" I yelled at them, they (mum, dad, and Sarah's parents) were in the living room and me and Sarah were by the door.

   "Okay Sweetheart, don't let Slender Man get you guys!" My dad joked, "I love you Charlie!"

   "I love you too dad bye." I yelled back.

   "Bye Mr. O'Leary, come on Charlie" Sarah said

   "I'm coming Sarah." I said back to her.

        Yeah , my name is Charlie, it's short for Charlette. We went out back to play our favorite game, Hide and Seek. Oh and, Slender Man is a.... thing that's 8 to 10 feet tall, that has a lot of arms, and it always wears a suit, and the scary part is... he has no face.

        We lived in the woods. Sarah lived just up the street and we were best friends. Sarah, my dad, and I always joked about Slender man. Sarah's dad wasn't really the joker type, he always talked business. 

   "Rock, Paper, Scissors!" We both yelled.

   "You're it!" She yelled

   "Ugh, okay...1...2...3!!" I yelled.

        She ran and hid. When I got to 20, I heard screaming.

   "AHHHH, CHARLIE HELP ME SLENDER MAN,SLENDER..."she screamed. Gone, no more screaming.

         I woke up crying...again. That stupid dream, I hate it. Every single night I get it. 

        Okay I know what you're thinking. Crazy girl, but I'm not crazy don't worry. Okay, when I was 10, my BFFAE, Best Friend Forever And Ever. Well she didn't die, so we think. She went, missing at 10. What actually happened after her screaming, well I went out to look for her. And when I got to where the screaming happened. I 

        Slender Man, and on the ground was....Sarah's close. I turned right around and ran home. My adrenaline pumping making me run faster and faster, tears running down my face. I finally got home.

   "Sarah, she's, she's gone! Slen- slenderman took her! " I yelled between tears.

   "Charlie, what happened!"  Mr.Thompson

   "Sarah's gone, Mr. Thompson." I said.

  "What do you mean she's gone? Call the cops if she's gone don't just stand there like an idiot! Do something, stop being so useless! " Mr.Thompson yelled.

 "Tom, don't blame Charlie it's not her fault." Mrs.Thompson said to Mr.Thompson.  With that the cops showed up and searched the house. The Thompson's and the O'Leary's moved . From all the questioning, insanity came along with it. Mr. Thompson later was thrown in the nuthouse, there was where his life ended. But that was all 7 years ago, and there was still never a trace of  Sarah. 

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