Before Harry Potter

Before Harry Potter, Lily, James, Severus, and their friends/enemies existed in what us Potterheads like to call the "Marauder Era". Read to figure out what happened when J.K. Rowling wasn't looking
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1. Mudblood


A/N:  I know that I already wrote a fanfiction called Before Harry Potter, but it honestly wasn't going the way I planned, and eventually I got bored, and stopped writing it entirely.  I know some of you guys liked it, and I'm really, really sorry for deleting it, but I believe that this way is much better than it was previously.  I really hope you think so too :)

                Lily ran back to the Gryffindor common room at top speed.  Her dark red hair was flying behind her, and tears streamed from her eyes.  Finally, she ran up the Grande Staircase, her heels making clip clopping noises against the priceless marble.  It had been merely an hour since she had taken a stroll on the grounds of Hogwarts with her friends to celebrate the end of O.W.L.  Examinations.  Now, her friendship with her childhood friend had ended, and she found herself angry, and sad that it had to end.

                “Lacewing Flies,” she muttered when she arrived at the end of a corridor where the portrait of a fat lady in a pink dress was located. 

                “Whatever you say dear,” the Fat Lady hiccupped drunkenly, as the portrait hole swung forward.  Lily anxiously wiped her tearstained face, and walked forward into the portrait hole. 

                “Hey, Lily!”  She heard her friend, Mary call her happily from the group of girls.  Unlike most of Lily’s friends, Mary put studying first, before celebrations, so naturally, she headed straight to the common room to study, rather than talk at the lake, and so she knew nothing of the argument that ensued between the two friends that afternoon.  “Are you alright, Lily?”  She asked curiously, spotting her red, puffy eyes. 

                “I’m fine,” she lied.  “Why?”  She asked curiously. 

                “Well, you look like you’ve just recovered from a crying spell for one,” Mary said sardonically. 

                “Fine!”  Lily began, while holding back what felt like a flood of tears.  “James was being a git, he started dueling with Severus, I tried to break up the fight, and he called me Mud… I mean, the you know what word,” Lily finished somewhat lamely. 

                “I told you that Snape boy was a rotten egg,” Mary said shaking her head, her blue eyes closed, and her golden locks bouncing up and down according to her head movements.  Just then, the portrait hole opened again to reveal James who was accompanied by Sirius, and Peter.  Lily turned pointedly back to watch the flickering wisps of flames coil and uncoil in the fireplace. 

                “You okay, Evans?”  She heard James’s soft voice in her ear.  When she didn’t answer, he took her hand, and squeezed it a bit. 

                “Don’t touch me, Potter!”  She yelled, wrenching her hand free of his grasp.  She felt disgusted!  Moments before he had been hanging her best friend upside down, and he had the nerve to touch her with his filthy hands? 

                “I just wanted you to know that I would never say something like that to you,” he said even more quietly, making his voice sound soothing, and soft.  She couldn’t stand it one more minute; she burst into a fresh wave of tears, which flowed down her smooth face, and into her lap.  “It’s okay,” James said, taking her in his arms.  Lily turned around abruptly, and slapped him across his face with a force she hadn’t thought possible.  The room had gone instantly silent, and all eyes were on her. 

                “I said, don’t touch me!”  She shouted through clenched teeth, breathing hard from the force of the violence. 

                “What?”  James began, but Lily was screaming too loud for him to continue

                “You selfish toerag, James Potter!” she shouted so loud, she felt her throat aching.  “If you hadn’t even been over there in the first place, Severus would still be my friend, and everything would be alright, but no!  You just had to go and make everything an absolute mess out of everything didn’t you?”  She shouted.  In the corner, she saw Sirius sniggering into his hand, staring at the dumbstruck James.  “And you!”  Lily began again.  “You have to laugh at everything he does, encourage it, and be a part of it!”  She started, pointing an accusing finger in his direction. 

                “But Evans?”  James rose from the chair, pacing the room and rubbing his hand against the red mark that had appeared on his face. 

                “But what?”  Lily snapped back at him, her arms crossed, and a scowl playing along her mouth. 

                “Why don’t you get all riled up at Snivellus?  Compared to him, our jokes are nothing!  You know how much dark arts he knows, and he’s only fifteen!”  James said a bit pleadingly, obviously looking for a sufficient excuse. 

                “I don’t bloody care!”  Lily shouted at him, and a few first graders who were watching the argument recoiled at the intensity in her voice.  “Just because he does it, doesn’t mean that you have to do it, James!”  She explained, and without saying anything else, she fled up the many flights of stairs towards the fifth year girl’s dormitories.  James just stood in complete bewilderment, still rubbing the red mark on his face a bit uncomfortably. 

                “Bloody hell,” a wide eyed James said, turning to Sirius as though to ask of his opinion of the completely unexpected scenario. 

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