Kill Me Silently (Completed)

Detective Chealsea Keller has been given a special case. A string of murders have happened and the only witness is a girl... The only problem is, that girl is mute.


1. New Case On The Line

A cream manila folder landed on my desk with a dull thud. I looked up to see who tossed it at me. It was my former boss, Chief Richard Miller, we just called him Chief. He was a stout old man with greying hair and laughter lines creasing his face, one of the best in the business seeing as he could almost always mysteriously solve the case. I, on the other hand used to be a forensic scientist... Changed over to a detective because I worked better that way, then quit the old force and made my own business as a private detective. This case must be hard to crack if I got called in, which was never.

"I see you've made yourself a nice place, doing well huh?" Chief grunted, pulling out a chair and kicking his feet up onto my small oak desk.

"Cut the chit chat, this is work, I do what I do best for a reason, what's up with this one?" I motioned towards the folder. 

"Why don't you open it and see?" He raised a grey eyebrow and leaned back. 

I opened the folder and poured out the contents onto the table, spreading out the pictures and newspaper clippings out so I could see better. I scrutinised the papers in front of me in shock. My eyes widened as if to see if it was true. Rereading and rereading. No, this was almost a dead end case in my vocabulary. Various murders, all victims killed near or at clothes shops... The only witness being a mute. Suspicious and lovely.

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