Watch out!!

It was just a typical day of school in London ! I was a huge one direction fan as you know I was about to graduate high school I just turned 18 with my besties Jamie and Leslie I was so excited I was gradutating high school 5 days before graduation it was lunch time I met up with my bf named Alex this random blonde girl sits next to him kissing him on the lips and saying I love you !:) I stand up and tears fell down my face I yelled YOU DIRTY CHEATER AND I FELL FOR YPUR TRICKS IM SO STUPID WERE OVER!!! I ran away from the school and just started to cry in some ones lawn

Harry's pov:
I was getting ready to take a shower until I hear a girl crying I quickly went down stairs and opened the door she quickly got up and said I'm sorr- and everything went quite oh like I was saying I'm sorry sir!she just started to walks away wait I said
She stopped and looked at me


1. Break ups

I was a London school girl and Yess I loved one direction it was my dream to meet them ... It was a day of school me and my bf met up a random chick comes and sits next to him and kisses him I stand up and say YOU DIRTY CHEATER WERE SO OVER I RAN AWAY!!! And laid in someone's law...

Harry's pov: I was about to take a shower until I heard a girl crying I quickly went down stairs and opened the door and said r u okay babe? She stands up and looks at me she stays frozen for a bit and smiles oh sorry I was just crying who cares why I was crying no need to know.. Tell me I say okay she said well today I was at lunch with my bf and this random girl comes and sits next to him and kisses him . Oh I'm so sorry...

My pov:
I quickly look at the guy that said r u ok and it was Harry styles I quickly froze and said that no one cares that I was crying and etc. he said tell me and I did then he said sorry and I replied it's okay I felt like screaming but I was upset so I couldnt reall scream...
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