This Kiss {Completed}

After her parents die Bianca Gray moves from her hometown Leesburg, VA to San Diego, CA to live with her grandmother. After wiping out while surfing and getting saved by Louis Tomlinson well her life changes completely (: So uh read it ^^
Note: This story is dedicated to my friend Bianca who is a Louis lover (:
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1. Moving

Bianca's POV

So just last month both my parents died. They were coming home from Florida and their plane crashed. I've been depressed for a while. I'm going to California tomorrow to live with my grandma. I know she's my grandma and I love her but seriously? Couldn't I just go to Korea where most of my mom's family lives? But no in my parent's will I'm suppose to live with my grandma Beverly in San Diego. I mean I'm kinda excited since California is really pretty and stuff but still. I would MUCH rather stay here in Leesburg with all my friends. I sighed. This was not going to easy. I said goodbye to all my friends yesterday at school. I was really going to miss them. I mean I'm sure I'll be making new friends. Ok well enough depression.. my name is Bianca Gray. I'm 16 years old, I have medium length brown hair, I'm kinda short and I love talking to people. But sometimes.. I'm shy. I enjoy writing, reading, singing, and acting for the most part. I love One Direction! Their music makes me die of internal happiness! My favorite is Louis. One day soon we're going to get married and have 10 kids. I know he wants 15-21 but seriously that is way too many. So my compromise with him is 10. And if he doesn't like it then so be it! I stood in my now empty room. I was bringing some of my stuff with me tomorrow but I was going to ship the rest of my stuff tomorrow. I felt bad taking my One Direction collage on my wall beside my bed. I worked so hard on it! Oh well. I could always make another one. I'm saving all the pictures which is good but rearranging them all over again? It's going to be a pain. I taped up my last box and just looked around. I sighed yet again. This is so depressing. Oh well this is what happens when the airport people let your parents board a plane that really shouldn't be flying. I swear one day I'm suing that airline. I just need a good lawyer.

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