Broken darkness

Number 13 is stuck into the insanity asylum. The methods for her cure are insane in them selves. Who would have thought that a hole in the brain was such good for letting the troubles out, and seizures to apparently. But is number 13 really the insane one?

1. ~Intro~

"Welcome to the Insane no more asylum of London. We will take good care of this here girl you have, take no doubt of that. She will be in the best hands. Now run along and we will write you if she is good enough to go. We will do our best....but she's as mad as a hatter" A very fat lady in an apron with blood smears, told two strangers who have brought me here. A feeling of guilt as i should know who they are, but i don't. 

Insanity was my excuse in court. I had done a crime and i was scared of hanging. So my lawyer told me insanity was a risk, but if i learned it well enough i could be saved. Running along telling myself everyday i was insane, being told by everyone i was insane...didn't take long before i went insane. I can't even remember who i used to be and this is my punishment, should have died and gone to hell, shouldn't have been saved by an insane spell. But here i am i have nothing to say, except how wrong i know i deserve my restless days. 

I don't have a name, i am number 13. I don't have anything except soft walls and a hard floor. I wear a strange coat, so that i can't fight or hurt myself. Or do anything about the medieval methods of the asylum. 

I have no mind in my insanity and no sanity in mind.

No will power of my own, and my own has no  power of will.

I cannot see what i know is real, and what's fake is my reality.

Though i know the truth, i see, the more i fall  and drift away.

Being a queen in my mind, and a fool in reality...

Is the only thing i can be....

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