Troublemaker is my Middlename.

Her name was Naomi Sahyounie. She was Daniel Sahyounie Precious Sister. She was forced to move away with her dad. So She left one special boy behind, Beau Brooks. The 'couple' never got their shot. So She's have been living in beverly hills since her parents divorced of an age of 14. Now 5 years later, Her dad died. So she has no choice but moving back to Australia to live with her Mother and Brother. Allot have changed. SO, What She don't know is; Beau Is Daniels Best mate Now. And Daniel Do not know about Her & Beau. But Beau Did know they were related. But he thought that She was gone forever, so he never told his bestfriend about him being in love with his sister. So When Her brother throw's a 'welcome home party' for her sister, and alcohol is involved.. What Will happened at the party and will it effect the future? Is the feelings still there between Naomi and Beau? What about Naomi's friendship with Daniel?


1. First Off.

Hello Hello, My name is Linn and Im norwegian, so Im not really a proffesional when it comes to writing perfect english. But yeah, Im here to write you a story that is going to be dramatic involved with romance and everything. AND Everything I write is inspired by either my fantasy or watching television on Animal Planet.. hahah, no joke.

But really, This is MY story. So I Write whatever I like. And When I write Fan Fiction, I write locca Fanfictions. And Since I love the Janoskians aaand One Direction.. (Im not a hater obviously.) There is going to be a little of that, because lets face it: 
WHO would have said NO to meet Janoskians aaaand One Direction?

no one? Great :D


It was poring down on a friday night. I was at the airport with my suitcases, ready to fly off to down under. I had on me a big neck pullover sweatshirt, and graffiti print leggings. I felt at least comfy. But my mood didnt match my outfit. I had butterflies in my tummy. I took a deep breathe and exhailed. I took my bags and as I started to walk through the big doors.

People were rushing back and forward. Some were crying to say their goodbye's to some military men. A little girl ran up to his dad. I took a deep breathe, as my heart stung a little. Keep it toghether Naomi. I missed my dad, Why did this have to happened?

I walked straight to the animal send off - line to send off my beloved puppy, Lou. I wish I could just have him with me thorugh the trip. He barked to get my attention, My head fell down to watch my dear Akita puppy. He cried and his head fell obliquely. I send him a reasuring smile that I was ok. That dog is special, because he can tell what I feel, and believe me its nice but sometimes annoying. Im that kidn of girl who likes to be alone when Im down.

I had packed my hole life into boxes. Amazing what can happened in a couple of month. To get this short; My dad Died, He died from Cancer. That he have been suffering for the last couple of months. My family had been reunited to say their goodbyes, even the someone from australia. My brother and mother. It was hard to see them say goodbye for the last time. Specially for Daniel. And now, I have to live with my Mom and Daniel. 

Lou barked, And I woke up to the reality. It was my turn to check in. I fake smiled and said a lousy hello, and reasured that everything would be ok to my dog. It was the first time to leave him behind like that. "Im sorry, but there must be something wrong" the lady said, I looked at her confused. "It says that you have ordered a private trip?" she gave me my ticket, and I looked at it confused.

"But how-" Then the picture got in. It was my dad who had set this up. He knew I always wanted to fly on a private jet, like a celebrity. a touched smile came came forward. "ok, where should I go?" I asked clumsy. "Just wait a second, and I'll send someone to guide you" she smiled. 

Someone followed me to the jet, and that plane was very fabulous  I grinned to myself, Lou barked and I bet she felt the same as I did. Happy, It was a good feeling that seem to be hard to face for a girl like me. I took a deep breathe as I walked into the jet.

It was amazing when I came inside, it was like a dream. Better than a dream. I exhaled and pinched myself to test myself if this all was real. And It was. Gosh, Im so happy right now. I sat down and the guy took my bags and placed into some sort of a cabinet. I took out my dear Lou, and petted him dearly. 

I sat into a chair that seemed really comforty. I grinned to myself. "Excuse me?" someone screamed, I turned around to peek who in the heck it was. And I saw my brother grinned from ear to ear. "Daniel!" I laughed "What are you doing here?" I laughed, a tear fell down. He wiped it off and gave me a hug. "He didnt want you and Lou to be alone" I looked up. "Wait what?" I questioned. "We planned it before he went away, he told me that he wanted to make you remember that he loves you" he smiled, and went in for another hug.

I took a deep breathe as I thought through it. "That is so unbelievable" I grinned and sat down on my chair, Lou jumped up into my lap and licked my hand. "well," he exhailed. "You better believe it" He smiled. "I think One Direction maybe have used this plane" He laughed and teased me, "ha ha, very funny" I laughed. 

So yeah, I love One Direction. And speaking of famous, My brother is apart in something called The Janoskians, They are quite famous but not as famous as One Direction of course. I laughed of the thought of it. "What?" He asked. "You may be famous, but not as famous as-" 

"Did someone mention One Direction?" A familiar voice asked. An Familiar voice that I have heard in video diaries, songs and music videoes and- 

I turned around slowly, "If someone is messing with me, I am going to personally punch them with a fork-" And there they were. The one and only, One Direction. My eyes couldn't believe it, My heart was beating faster and faster. This was my dream come true. I turned slowly, "Did dad?" I asked Daniel, He nodded with a soft smile. "I talked to someone and made it possible" He smiled. I grinned from ear to ear. My dog barked and licked my hand.

My brother raised up and greeted them like they were buddies, "do you know them?" I asked, Niall turned smiled "yeah, were buds with the Janoskians after their big break through" They smiled. I nodded impressed, "cool, Im his sister Naomi" I smiled. A Curly head guy walked with a smirk planted on his lips, "Im-" "Harry, I know" I laughed, and it got a little silenced. "If you think I have lived under a rock for the past 2 years," I giggled, They laughed. 

For a minute there I thought I was going to blew it. But It really was great to meet them, Their great guys. But the shock, haven't gotten over yet.

No matter how many hours its gonna take im stil shocked. It had still not sinked in that One direction is sitting here with me on a plain, yeah no worries. There is so many girls that would lick their socks for being here in my position, so I thought I should tell them that I really like their music and that Im friends with Tumblr Directioners. I must be dreaming. I was definitely star strucked.

So after 10 minutes, they had sat down and we were about to get up in the air. I took up my Beats by Dre, and placed them on and sat on some dubstep. I hate flights. But this was worth it. I took my Lou, in my lap and kissed its forehead. It cuddled into my lap, trying to hide from my brother's big feet. I think.

And then we were up in the air. I turned my chair so I could sit faced everyone, While my Lou was asleep on my lap. There was 8 chairs and there was lined to and to, and you could turn them so you sat faced everyone. In my row, there was Daniel, Me and Niall On the op-site row there was Louis and Harry, Liam and Zayn. and Then they were  placed in a special way, so we were sitting in a circle. It was nice, I felt honored to be apart of this experience. I loved that I could share this with my brother, that he did this for me.

Daniel and Louis later was playing Mario Kart on nintendo, While me and Liam and Niall was talking and then there was these sleepy heads: Harry and Zayn was asleep.

"So, how is it to get quest to like big events and stuff like that?" I aksed, Niall shaked his shoulders and explained, "well, its really great to be apart of something like mtv Awards-" Liam interupted him, "Yeah, and its even more amazing thinking on how many people or bands who would do anything to be in our position" Liam nodded, "I can imagine" I smiled. "And the most amazing thing ever about being in a band?" I asked, Niall and Liam exchanged looks and answered at the same time "The Fans" They agreed. I giggled and nodded, "Well The Tumblr Directioners are right behind you, every  step of the way" I smiled. 

Louis suddenly jumped and shouted "No!" He acted like he cried, "I Lost!" he laughed and sat there with a frown. Harry woke up and shouted "No I didnt do it!" We gave him a look, before I laughed to break the silence. Niall laughed and play-punched him. "Is there something you want to confess?" he tried to be serious. "Yeah, Mr. Styles! You sure are looking guilty" I joined in. He just nodded his head and laughed.

Liam and Niall started to talk about some kind of dream, and Louis was a bad loser so he tried another run with my brother. Harry stared at me for a second, I think he checked me out. I turned my head slowly. I looked at him and gave him a smile.

"Hi" I said polite but unsure, "Whats up?" he asked, "cuddling with my dog" I smiled, "what?" he said and leaned over to catch his eye. "I have a puppy" I laughed. "Oh, I didnt see him because his color went along with the blanket" he clapped Lou. 

wow, its true. "you have big hands" I commented, He gave me a look before he laughed. "Im sorry" I  apologized and realized I said what I was thinking. "So you were thinking about my hand?" he joked. I just froze and laughed awkvardly. "No, I was just-" I tried to safe myself but there was no way, He just looked at me ready to confess. "well, I might have-" He just laughed, "Its ok" he assured me.

I must say. To meet the boys, One Direction in person.. well lets just say that they are hotter in reality. I looked out the window and my mind drifted off, I dont quite know how I could think about anything sad when all this positive is happening. My brother catched my eye, and so did Lou. Lou liked my hand and Daniel send me a comforting smile. "You know were here for you" he said to me. I nodded and whispered "Thank you for being my brother" I grinned and placed my hand on his shoulder. 

he looked a bit taken aback, he smiled clumsy back. I looked at him funny and asked him calmly "what?" He tried to make me forget by laughing and shaking his head, "nothing" he assured me. "I can tell when your lying, Daniel" I said threatening. "We have to talk" I was a little suprised when he said that, he usually is stubborn about when he first is lying, he never wants to confess like this. I just nodded "sure" I said and sended him a smile. He laughed the seriousness off and smiled "good".

Since it was dark out and the boys were asleep, I thought I was the last one to cuddle in and sleep. But someone poked in me, and I took the music on pause before I took the headphones of. "What?" I whispered, My brother "Look, I recently found out something that I was needing to tell you" He cleared his voice and took a deep breathe before he tried to find words. "I, You know that I-" 

"Miss Naomi and Daniel, I recommend to sleep or rest now, because when we come to Australia Its going to be 12 in the morning" He smiled, Daniel nodded in agreement. "Thanks" I smiled, and yawned afterwords. "Just happy to help" He smiled and walked away. 

"Tell me tomorrow  I told Daniel. He nodded and clicked on his chair and i became some sorts of a bed. I yawned and putted Lou in his cage. He curled up and fell asleep, As I did the same thing. I turned my head and peeked at Harry and the boys for a second. I still couldn't get over the shock. I closed my eyes tight as a tear fell slowly down on my chin. I felt grateful to have had such wonderful dad in my life. And the thought of he did this for me, Really makes me happy. When I think of him, I'm going to remember the good stuff. hold on to the camping trips, movie nights and the stories about the World of War. I exhaled and fell asleep.

The morning come, and I was met by barking and laughing. I yawned, "Oh, look who is finally awake!" Harry said, there was some sorts of whispering but I was concentrating on Lou who was constantly licking my hand. My eyes slowly opened and was welcomed by 5 gourges faces and my brother. The smell of breakfast dragged my attention. I seachred for the smell like i was some kind of animal on hunt.

"Do you want some pasta?" Niall asked, "it is really good" he said impressed by it. "Nah, she rather have the pizza!" Louis offered, "No guys, Everybody knows that she want normal breakfast with bread and juice" Harry said convincing. I just laughed, "I would love to have some bread and chocolate milk" I said with a grin and a carefull smile. "right away, sweety" Louis said and raised up.

I froze, I was called sweety by Louis. I giggled and picked up Lou, and kissed him on his forehead. Harry smiled to me and asked "what is your dogs name?" I smiled and said "Lou" suddenly Louis came in and laughed "did someone call my name?" he asked, I laughed "No, but my dog's name is actually Lou" I smiled and nodded slowly. "He dosent like the airplane very much, so he mostly just sleeps" I explained, while looking down on Lou. "Well, thats a very good name choice" He laughed. 

After eating and giving my Lou some food as well, there was still 2 hours before we were at our destination. So I thought I wanted to take picture with the guys, so I smiled and took up my camera. "Can I take a photo with you guys?" I grinned and waited for them to awnser. They nodded everyone and said yes. Now that Zayn was finally awake from his super long sleeping nap, everyone could join.

I sat on Harrys lap, as Zayn and Niall lined behind Louis and Liam. I grinned and tried to look on my best, I mean. I sat on Harry's lap! So after taking some joke pictures, we asked the servant to take picture for us. He said yes, of course and after that I was still sitting in Harrys lap. Everyone had taken their seats, but since Harry didnt say he had a problem with me sitting here, no really he said that he had no problem for me sitting here. 

Lou came up and barked on Harry, I looked down on him and moved away from the lap and grabbed Lou. "Lou, What is up in your butt?" I said to him, Louis turned slowly and gave me a look. I turned slowly and looked at him. "Wha-" He laughed, but turned serious "Darling, Last time I checked I was perfectly fine!" I just laughed. "I was talking to my dog" I explained trying to be a little dramatic, before I just laughed it off. 

Everyone laughed, but then someone came up into my ear and whispered softly, "I like your laugh" His voice was smooth as his warm breath crused down my neck. I froze, and Daniel saw something was up. So to avoid it all I, slowly rised up to walk over to my chair with Lou in my lap, still barking. And keeping eye contact with Harry and just giggled, just to make it less awkward for him. He smiled and did the one thing he shouldnt have. He winked. I just couldnt help but smile. Then suddenly out of the blue, I got an angry text from Imassage from someone.

What are you doing?

I exhailed and laughed silently. Why the heck did he care about what I do and don't to. I am positive that I might never see Harry again, so why bother caring at all about my miserable life?

Relax. I haven't asked for his number yet

Ok. That was maybe a little mean, but lets face it: HE deserved it. It's not like Im going to marry him, jesus christ.


Dear god. I just looked over at him and shake my head "I'll be back" I said cold. I rise up and walked forward to the bathroom. I walked inside and fixed me up, My mascara was a mess so I was about to walk out to pick it up when I came into Daniel talking.

He was sitting on the edge of the chair, so it looked like he was whispering something. My eye cought Harry, his eyebrowns were drawned together. So I just avoided them, and walked inside. And Then Daniel said "But dont tell her I said that" I laughed dryly. Daniels head slowly turned to me. His face was like an questionmark over his head. I was on the other hand a little annoyed.

I walsed over to my chair, and Daniel turned his chair around "what?" he asked. God, Im not stupid, he was talking about me to let them know im stupid or something. I grabbed my bag and walked past Daniel and Louis. Louis were about to say something but I stopped him, "dont worry, Daniel can keep talking when Im gone for the minute" I whispered. 

I shaked it off my shoulder. I shifted to a dark ripped denim shorts, a white skull singlet, and my favorite Zebra Converse shoes. I Looked down on my feet and smiled a little. My dad mocked my shoes. He called me Zebra the rest of the week. And Its not really funny, but we always laughed. Because I thought that a good laugh always improve your mood. something. Im weird.

I took my time getting ready, The clothes were a little difficult taking on considering the big space. I was being Ironic If you didn't know that. Yeah. So my make up was fixed and The resolution what I was wearing and stuff was good. I felt good. I smiled to myself in the mirror. I love my hair. My bestfriend did that before I came here. To be spontaneous, and because she loved me. haha, She was insane with makeup and stuff.

I walked silently out of the bathroom, Me and Daniel exchanged looks. He felt bad, I could tell by the awkward situation. Or he was really talking behind my back. He walked around me and into the bathroom. "dramatic arent we?" I whispered under my breath. 

I sat down and apologized, "Im sorry for dragging you guys into this sillyness" I said. Harry looked confused at me. I took him a bit off guard by saying "what the hell is actually going on?" I laughed, "Everyone is so awkward" I said. Lou barked from his cage, I took him out and cuddled with him. "Don't you know he is just trying to support you?" Louis said to me in a confused tone. 

My heart froze and I my head fell down, "well he isnt very good sending the message." I laughed dryly. Lou barked, and licked my hand. I tried to smile and I kissed on his forehead. My head rised up and I ask him "What is really going on, because you guys are confusing me" I breathed out. Harry were about to say something before Daniel came out. 

I looked at him with one of my looks, what would make him tell me what the actual fuck is going on.
He breathed out "Don't give me that" I continued, but this time acting like I was tired. "Naomi, dont" He said and sat down. "I understand your trying to support me, but If you think it helps being mean-" I stopped up and exhaled. "For you to even think I would talk behind your back in a bad way, really shocks me" my head rised up at him and I qouted the guy himself "you said: But dont tell her I said that, and before that you barked at me for you know what! Can you blame me?" I said so fast I dont think he understood it, but he did.

He breathed out "What If I didnt talk about you?" I said unconvincing. "Then Im sorry, But Daniel Sahyounie, Remember I can read you like an open book when your lying?" I spat. He tried to say something "you know what, I want to enjoy myself and not sitting here being dramatic" I finished. "Because we two are going to talk about this later anyway" I spat and gave him a warning. 

All of a sudden, Harry laughed. I didnt notice that they were trying to hide the fact they were about to laugh. I turned to Harry with a suprised look "what?" I said shocked. Niall begin to laugh aswell, then Daniel tried to stop them. I looked over to Daniel and I felt really stupid. Suddenly, Lou barked as hell against Daniel. 

I looked down, and Lou begin to growl. I tried to shut him up by say stop, but he continued. "Lou!" I rised my voice, everyone looked at my barking dog. great. The dog looked at me and just starred into my eyes, It caught me off guard.

But somehow I knew what he was doing.
He was trying to show me a massage.


Ok. What in the heck is going on?
Want to read more?
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In the next chapter, a party will be planing and more of the crazyness will elvolve!

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