#KeepingItReal - Passions and Dreams

This is a competition entry for the #KeepingItReal contest. Out of the four categories, I chose to write about Passions and Dreams.
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1. You Really Have Only Got One Life


For me, an important factor in helping me keep my head above is music. Artists have a way of telling you important lessons to go from. A very inspiring song to me is called One Life by a Canadian band named Hedley. It tells me that I’ve only got one life to achieve the things that I want to do and so I should continue trying to accomplish my dreams and goals. And if you think about it, it’s very true. There’s a finite amount of time that we have on this earth to do exactly what we want to do. All of our choices and decisions are ours to make. Whilst many people will use the expression ‘YOLO’ – invented by a rap artist named Drake, standing for You Only Live Once - to explain this point, I, for one, definitely prefer to go by ‘You’ve got one life, don’t stop living up’. After all, if you don’t choose what to do in your life, then who will?


Freedom of expression is taken for granted nowadays. Before we were alive, girls and women were restricted to certain things. Men controlled our lives and told us exactly what to do. Girls were getting married at the age of thirteen. Now, we’ve got the rights to do whatever we’d like. The option to marry whoever we want at whatever age we want. Dress as we choose, talk to whomever we please. Freedom is a wonderful thing, but we don’t appreciate it as much as we probably should. This gives us the fantastic opportunity to go out and do what we want to do. You’re at an age where anything is possible, so why not give it a go? Why spend your life cooped up inside, going nowhere? You can just as easily go out and do something fun, enjoyable and memorable!


But, let’s presume for argument’s sake, that you’re shy. Maybe you’d even call it ‘socially awkward’. You’d prefer to spend time with the company of a computer screen rather than people in real life. I know how it feels; it’s exactly what I’m doing with my life right at this moment. But sometimes I just think when I’m forty, what do I have to look back on in my childhood? A waste of the years where it’s socially acceptable to do certain things. Because before you know it you’re going to be too old to do these things and you’ll regret it! What’s the point in that? If you’ve got the chance to partake in something, then you should.


I guess what I’m trying to say is that you’ve got hundreds, thousands, millions of opportunities just waiting for you. It doesn’t matter if it’s not ‘cool’, if you won’t be ‘popular’ if you do these things. If it’s what you want to do, just do it. And people who judge you for it? Forget them. They’re just too caught up in their image that they won’t even take chances. Who’s missing out in that situation, huh? You were put on this earth to exist, so why not be recognised? Do volunteer work. Run a marathon. Sing your favourite song. Inspire others. Help others to make a difference with their life, because if you don’t recognise your dreams, then you won’t be able to help others to recognise their own. Please don’t waste your childhood. Do something with it. Like I said before, when you look back on this when you’re older, do you want to regret your life, or do you want to reminisce the good times?


So, in conclusion, please, please, please don’t waste your time. You’ve got a limited time on this planet so you should do as much as you can whilst you can. Tomorrow is not guaranteed, so achieve your dreams as early as you possibly can, to make room for new ones after. Like a ‘bucket list’ of things you want to do. After all, ‘It’s a great big world and you’ll see, it could pass you by at light speed’ according to the wise words of Hedley, so don’t let it go to waste. It’s cheesy, but live life to the fullest. You never know what opportunities are right around the corner.



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