Just us in the Mirror

My name is Ava. I live in a world with no love, with no passion, and no desire. No one to talk to and no one to care for. I'm stuck in the Otherworld -Nightshade-. I grew up there as a prisoner, forever roaming. People are scared of what I can do, when I don't even know what I can do myself.I was created from the hollow but I'm not the only one. Everyone has something to tell...mine's just something different.

My name is Shady. I will not deny my insanity, I know I'm odd, I know I'm different but I need to know why. What was I made for? People say time heals all wounds... but not without a price. It all started the day I found the mirror. The day I found out who I truly am from looking into my reflection. I can't trust anyone, except my reflection. It's just us who can save me and everyone else I know.

Just us.......


1. Mirror, Mirror



I was on top of possibly the tallest sky scraper around this area that I have never lived or seen before, except it wasn't lit up like all cities should be, it was all pitch black outside, like an abyss. All was quiet except for breathing, not just mine but his. I stared at a boy I think I knew, he was at the corner of the building  gazing out into the city. What's he doing in my dream, if it's even is my dream, but it has to be mine, right?

 There's no sound except the screeching and howling of the wind, blowing my black- purple stripped-, silky, sleek, straight hair all around me, making all I see black. I make a slight movement and accidently stepped on a leaf, causing a crunching sound to echo into the night only to be sucked back into the abyss of darkness, which seemed to be my mind.

He shifted to look at me, his eyes opened wide. " What are you doing here? Why would I dream of you?" He had bleach blonde hair, obviously dyed very badly, bright blue- green, ocean eyes that were filled with what was probably surprize, confusion and....hatred. He was wearing boxers, and a T-shirt that said,"Come at me bro."

"Excuse me but do I know you?"

"Yeah, we go to the same school, I must really be messed up, out of everyone I dream about, I have to dream of you, Shady.

My brows knitted into confusion," What does that mean." I asked temper flaring.

"Well your just...weird." He says hesitantly before continuing," Since this is my dream I can tell you everything. Did you know that the reason why no one likes you is that you're creepy?" I shake my head. "Wonder why, everyone gets this weird vibe from you, you have the creepiest look and-"

I had no patience left for him,"SHUT UP!" I yell," I just found out that I was adopted and that my "family" thinks I'm odd, now I have to go to a phystrist every week after school!"

"That's not my problem you fucking weirdo! Now, just go kill your self, it's not like anyone would miss you! You already tried to kill someone else at school before, or do you not remember?"

My eyes got real wide, I did remember, She was making fun of me and took away my things so I attacked her, not with my hands though, I don't remember what with and I don't remember why I got so crazy. She was in a coma for months, I didn't even remember what I did to her. He didn't have to say that to me. I already paid my punishment when the incident happened.I could feel the rage boiling inside me, wanting to come out and when it wanted to come out I let it. I started to shake and loose sight. It came back but all I could see was a fog of red, blood red haze of rage. I didn't have control of what I did but I ran over to him in the corner of the building in a blur of dark and red colors, and I could never forget how he looked when I pushed him of the building and smiled when I saw his face twist into a feature of fear and fright.  He glanced at me, a panicking look that told me what his worst fear was. Death and he knew it was coming and nothing could save him. I laughed and laughed until he hit the concrete pavement, dead.

I awoke that night with a rough start. I can't believe I killed him. But I knew it was just a dream. It felt so real though. I hated the feeling I got when all the red haze and rage came out of me in the dream. The only other time I felt like that was when I almost killed that girl. I stayed up the rest of the night, wondering if I was really insane. Have I lost my insanity?


"Beep! Beep! Beep!" I slam my hand on the alarm clock that disturbed my thoughts. I got up, slid open my top drawers, picked out a polka dotted bra and matching underwear to go with it, slipped them on and opened a different door, picked out a simple pair of skinny jeans, a black T-shirt and put on some black fuzzy boots. I brushed out my black- with purple strips running through it-,  straight, shiny hair that went mid-back and left it how it was. I put on a charm bracelet that I loved, and a lacy wrist glove on the other. I walked out of my purple room matching the purple strips in my hair,  grabbed my stuff, ran down the spiral staircase and headed out the door before "my parents" try to talk to me about yesterday.



I walked to school, I have ever since I was 13, when I was old enough to walk by myself to school. It was about a 2 mile walk from where I lived. It took me about and hour just to get there, but no way am I riding the bus. Been there, done that.

The sun slowly, crept up on me. It shone bright over all the trees with the wind blowing harsh on their tops, making me shiver. I hated the way he sun even seemed to turn away from me. I'm always left in the dark, only the moon has never turned me away, not yet and I hope not ever. 

The school peeked over the tree's making the top part of the school in a my sight.

"Oh no,not yet." I groaned. I walked extra slow till I got there. I didn't want to face school again. Why can't I just be home schooled.  I walked up to the front double doors of the brick building. I walked in and almost immediately went straight to my locker and homeroom, except I heard something I wanted to know more about. The death of Ryan Nickles. The boy that showed up in my dreams last night.

"Excuse me, what was that about Ryan?" I asked a girl I knew her name to be Kelly.

"He died last night, parents say he woke up screaming bloody murder."


"Every bone in his body was broken, but there no evidence of a fall or anything to cause how this happened."

"Was there blood?"

"Nope, none. There's one thing that surprises everyone though, when He was screaming he was calling out a name. Someone's name that happens to go to this school, started with the letter S, ends with ady, and happened to be in his dream last night. Wonder who that is. I bet he was having a nightmare about you, who wouldn't?"


"Oh save it, we all know you're metal and insane. It wouldn't surprise me if it was you, I mean, you tried to kill someone before and put them in a coma. Oh, and don't think we don't know about you. Everyone in the school knows you don't have a good past either. People mysteriously disappear or die where ever you go. I thinks it you, I just need to find proof, it's only a matter of time." 

I did know all of that. All of that is true. About the death and dying and everything, it's all true. How come I've never realized this before? What if I did kill him? What if I'm evil? On the verge of tears I ran out of the school with Kelly shouting at me that I should be ashamed, that I should run away and never come back. I don't know what I'll do but right now, one step at a time. Step 1- Get home. Easy considering I am already one fourth there. I ran all the way home, my purple and black as night hair, getting in the way of my vision. The wind blowing hard, whipping around leaves, twigs and plants. The wind seeming to know my secret even if I don't even know it myself. I hear voices, speaking to me, screeching at me through the wind, wanting me to leave, saying I don't belong. I know that but where should I go?


I arrive home, by now it looks to be a hurricane forming. It's dark and hazardously, dangerous wind with lightning in the sky, flashing and lighting it up. "My parents" left for work already. I opened the door and slammed it shut against the wind, breathing heavily. I ran to the marble kitchen  grabbed a steak knife, was running to my bedroom when the door to the basement's black, old door creaked open.  Why is it open? Bill and Chard-"my parents"- always lock the basement door. They always feared I would play around with the heating and cooling of the house. I decided I'd go in there. If I was gonna die why not in a creepy basement. I crept down the creaking stairs, gently whining under the weight of my foot. I went all the way down and found it old, musty and dusty down here, apparently no ones cleaned down here for a long time. I sat in a musky corner and picked up the knife and drew blood but stopped.

What is that? It's a mirror. What is a beautiful, old, fancy mirror doing down here? What's it doing at this dump they call a house? I dropped the knife and slowly and carefully walked over to the mirror and dropped down in front of it. I looked into it and saw nothing, not my reflection. I closed my eyes to blink out all the dust, when I opened them, my reflection was there. She looked identical to me, but she had red strips in her hair and hard, brown chocolate eyes instead of my dark- as an ocean blue- eyes. She tilted her head and smiled at me.

"Well don't we look a lot alike." My reflection said.



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