The Story of a Ritch Kid (1D fanfic)

A girl named Maximum is ritch, has a ritch family, goes to a ritch people school, and lives in the ritchest place on earth, Beverly Hills.
Well that happened after her parents got really famous.
So she just might be struggling to fit in.
The school is a preforming arts school, so she has to become a part of the 'celebrity family' and do something that will get her recognized in the world of entertainment.
What would she do just to fit in at her school?
Fake love?
Fake hate?
And what happens when some people get a bit too jelous of her new life in ritch country?
You can only see if you read- The Story of a Ritch Kid- A Syd! Classic


2. The New Kids Are Here!

Maximum's POV

    The group of girls spread out all over the front entrance porch which is about the size of four large storage spaces. We all watched carefully at the curb where the new students would all sit in one big open top limo, and be dropped off. We just wanted to get a good look at them. In the exact words of Rebecca, "To make sure there hot before chasing away there bad excuse of a girlfriend!", even though I also hear from a group of boys, talking about how only three of them had serious girlfriends. Which leaves exactly four of them for us to fight over, but I guess four is not enough, and she, I mean we want more. That's right, I'm using the word "WE". It looks like because I was the most socially awkward of the whole group or should I say "cult" of girls, that I would be perfect to get the boys attention, you know, like a bully pushes me down or something. and somebody from the cult picks me up and does the whole nice girl act ( even thought they are the bullies pushing people down) so they look like they do not have an ugly personality on the inside. Ha. Sorry, I'm too busy laughing about how stupid I sound right now!

    The sound of an engine interrupts my self laughing moment. I see the rather colourful open top limo, with a bunch of people with sun glasses on, with skate boards, and with backpacks next to them. As the funny limo gets closer, I see about three girls with very bright backpack suitcases. Must be the girlfriends. The limo is finally at the curb that we were all so desperately staring at, and then they all walk out. First comes the all famous Canadian. I don't know his name thought, well right until I hear the screech of the name "Justin Bieber!" back in Korea at Kimi Kimi's, me and Jeremey who was one of my guy friends, who was actually from Italy, told me that instead of calling him by his "American" name, we can call him Justin Biebaro. As soon as I heard that, I could not stop laughing. I laughed so hard that I got a cramp and literally was rolling on the floor. Jeremy saw me and couldn't help but start to laugh with me. He also got a cramp and fell right of his chair, landed right next to me. After about a minute of that, we just laid there on the floor looking at each other through the tears of laughter. A tear escaped my eye and was falling down my face when Jeremy wiped it away quickly. All I could think about at that moment was "I wonder if he does these types of things with his boyfriend." YUP, BOYFRIEND. A girl can dream......



Austin's POV

     "Ow!" I look up and I could see that a girl with brown hair and bright blue eyes is right in front of me. I was on the ground as well, so confused about what was happening. "Are you okay?" The blue eyed brown haired girl asked. "Yeah, what just happened?" She shows a bit of embarrassment on her face when she start to talk, " A girl pushed me down and I bumped into you, sorry." collecting my stuff on the ground I give her a quick, "Its okay", and continue to collect the books that fell out of my backpack, then when I looked back up at here again, she was feverishly getting all of her things that fell out of her backpack with a face that looked like she was very sad, and was about to shed a tear. Was she hurt? "Are you okay?" I ask in concern, and all she does is let her hair fall in front of her face and nod. I could tell that she felt guilty for knocking me down. She probably thought that I was angry at her or something.

    By this point everybody that was in the limo and was surrounding us where all in side, and we where the only ones out at the entrance for the moment. I get up with everything back in my bag and a couple of seconds later she is done and she stands up too, but doesn't make any eye contact with me, and she quickly walks away from me. I really wonder what is bugging her. To find out, I run up to her and tap on her shoulder before she can go reach for the entrance doors.She turns around to me, and I look her in the eyes. She quickly diverts my looking and looks away. I take her hair that is falling on the right side of her face and tuck it behind her ear. I do the same for the other side. I lift her chin with my finger so she has no choice but to look at me in the eyes. I get close to her and whisper "Its okay" and then leave for the door going into the school.

     I knew I had to, it was a bit fun actually. Me Austin Mahone using my charm to make a girl feel better? Sounds about right. I couldn't help my self. I just felt so bad that she felt so bad, and it was not even her fault. As soon as I open my locker, I realize that I didn't ask for her name. We could be very good friends, I hope I see her again today. I really can't wait.

Maximum's POV

     He lifted up my chin and whispered to me "its okay" than he left for the entrance door behind me. My god, I cannot stop melting inside. Now that was an over welming experience.


Does Austin already have a girlfriend?

What will happen next with Austin and Maximum?

When will we find out who the other new kids are?

And what will Rebecca think when she finds out about Maximum's little accident with Austin when they were just suppose to be 'looking'.


Find out all of that and more in chapter 3: I hate being bate

And it would be really cool if at least 1 person where to comment on the book! Like 78 people read it, why not leave a comment! ;( I am just saying it would be VERY nice if some brave person out there would leave one!



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