The White Rose

One white rose showed it's true power to me...but it also showed who I was to become and who is behind that one mask......


1. Chapter 1

"Princess," I fluttered my eyes open as the final shook casgaded like a wave down my tiny frame.

"Sorry my lady, I had to rouse you up. I couldn't let you waste a day like this in bed." Hector, my personal servant and aquianted scolded.

"What do I have planned today, Hector?" I sat up perfectly stick straight and stood up out of my 4 poster, elegantly designed bed. I fixed my blouse and trousers pajaimas into place again. "More politics, I presume?"

"On the agenda to day, my lady, you have a meeting with the nobles about taxing that your father would like you to intend to. Otherwise, today your free to do as you will, your highness. " I am the princess and any day now I can easliy inheirit the throne when I am married to a prince. I wish my brother were alive and well again, truthfully I wasn't planning on taking the throne, my brother was anounced deceased and I was intened to inheirit the throne, no more, no less. My father, the king, wasn't too pleased about it either.

"Excellent, now I think I shall go into town today on a stroll." I mentioned.

"Very well, your grace. I have picked out two suitable gowns for you to wear for the meeting. I presume you can pick out your own gown for your morning stroll and you would request no one to accompanie you?" Hector smiled adding a wink to his dashing chocolate eyes, curly chest nut hair pulled back tightly and serverly into a ponytail.

"As always, Hector. You may depart now, thank you and do please send in Rebecca." I requested politly. Hector nodded, bowed and exited my chambers. I waltz over to my closet and picked up my corset and slipped it up and over my slender but semi-curvy body. Two light knocking sounds echoed around in my bed chambers and settled in my galore closet. 

"Come in." I called out strongly. The double arched doors burst open as Rebecca, my dresser came in and bowed before me. "Don't be folish, you don't need to bow to me." Rebecca smiled knowingly and began tightening my corset strings. She was small, slender girl. No older than me. I liked having her around, she's not scared of me and is really the only friends I have. She has pale blonde, wispy thin hair with big, ghastly green eyes. She had fair skin that fitted her perplextion greatly.

"How are you my lady?" She asked politly, pulling my strings as hard as she can without hurting me.

"I'm well, and you?"

"I'm fine. Thank you." She praised,"I heard from Hector that you will be going into town again today." She stated matter of fact.

"And, your point?" I asked. She gave a tight last tug on my string, squeezing all the air out of my lungs until I breathed in newly defined air. She dropped her hands to her hips, ruffleing her white simple gown as I turned to face her as a princess should. I looked defiently into her cold, hard stare, waiting for the lecsure that ought to come.

"The point is Violet, that someday you're gonna get caught sneaking out of the castle again, remeber last time? I'm just worried for your well being." Her mouth set into a grim line, feircly her moss colored eyes pleaded with me to stay here.

"I know, and I thank you for that. I doubt father would notice I'm missing, he barely even knows I'm in the same room with him, ever since mother was declared missing and was never found. Honestly, some days I think it's just becuase I seem a lot like her." I stated depressingly, quickly turning into anger. That's still not an excuse to never notice or care for your daughter. I stared into the mirror at a girl that looked so much like her mother. That girl was me. I had long, sliky, straight black hair with eyes the color of the sky at night with only a single, sparkly star lighting it up. I had a heart shapped face, short eye lashes, high cheek bones with full ruby lips, all qualities from my mother, the deceased queen.

"But your still going?" She stated more than asked. "I'm sorry he hasn't spent time with you, that is one of the flaws he has, he can't aprriecate what he has. All the other workers here presume the same thing, that's why he takes the money from the people and has affairs with so many different women." She sympathised.

"Of course," I responed as I turned around and sauntered gracefully into my dressing room and picked out a simple designed, long sleeved burgundy dress. I slipped it on as Rebecca seemingly and quietly fasten it to fit my needs. I was met with a never-ending pit of eriy silent the rest of the fitting.

"Thank you, you may leave me." I nodded my thanks to her as she gave me one last worried, pleading glance, bowed and silently left me in peace after the door banged shut. I straightened out my dress, slipped into my only pair of sandals, tied my black velvet cloak around my dress, and pulled the hood up and over my face. I finally slipped on black leather gloves and I swung open the glass french double doors leading out onto a tanned stone balcony, dropped the rope over on the far left side in a corner nook, and descended on the rope, sliding down the side of the building as if I was only a dark, moving shadow in the bright, extordiary sun's rays beaming through out the land of Balbion, surrounded by the black forest that held all things unknown.

I slid down the rope, landing softly on the flat form below, hid the rope in a crack in the wall and walked next to the gray bricks of the castle, slide around back, climbed up high into a pine tree and stood on top of the wall that prevented me form leaving these past years. I jumped off the wall at a precise angle, landing with a quiet but hearty thump. A tremor coarsed through me as expected. The first time I jumped off the wall I nearly broke my ankle, that is why is must be done as precisly. I continued down the middle of a dirt path leading into the rest of town and the rest of the kingdom.


Town center was completely packed with people of all different sorts. I walked farther and farther into the town and each step I took it got more depressing. These people we absoluting poor. Most were beggars! I walked not even down one street and was stopped and asked by four people if I had money I could spare. Four people on one street. Each and everytime I had to tell them gently and regretfully that I had brought not even a single penny, I almost cried by the way the lights shining in their eyes turned off as once again they were rejected.

"What has happened to this place?" I questioned out loud. Last time I've been here was not but a year ago. I knew we were taxing heavily for the wars, bankwits and money to give all of the princes who will soon be traveling here just to see me, to hope to be my bride. The thought of a arranged marriage disgusted me. I didn't want a forced marriaged. I was part of the small group of nobles who still believe in true love and letting us choose who we want, but tis is only a small group of us.

I continued down into town as I watched starving, skinny kids ran about, playing in the dirt and mud, swimming in the surrounding lakes and ocean, racing eachother to see who can climb the fastest to the top of the tallest tree. I huffed out in frustration and blew the ringlets of hair that fell out of my hood back into its rightful place.

I stared in wonder at this place. Mother would have died just looking at it. She always had a kind heart, unlike my father. Just thinking about him, made me angry. How could one dirty blonde, middle aged, blue eyed man be so cruel? Mother would have threw a fit, she was the only one who could stand up to him without cowering in fear. One of the reasons my father liked her so much.

"Uff," A man with boxes tripped, all of the boxes he was carrying were scattered all over, some blending into the ground, others sticking out.

"Out of all the days this could of happened today of all days. I'm already late as it is." he muttered to himself.

I bent down to pick up one of the boxes. "Here."

"No need to help me, Miss." He doesn't reconize me, that's fantastic. It's best this way, to stay hidden.

"I can't let you pick these up all by yourself, now can I?" I walked little ways to another box and picked that one up too, gave it to him and was met with a quizzical stare.

"Is something amiss?" Nope, my dress wasn't sticking up so what could it be?

"Nothing, it's just not many people would stop to help me pick up things that I dropped." He responded, still gazing into my eyes as I gazed into his bright golden amber eyes framed by dark, shaggy brown hair.

"Well, I guess I am not your average town folk." I handed him the last small, light brown box. His hand brushed mine and a shock wave went throught me, like the tremor I feel when I jump from the wall, except this was more delicate and longer lasting. It tingled my bones.

"One can say the least," He agreed, shooting me a wink. "Are you from around here miss? I have never seen you before around here? Dont' get around much." He joked.

"Indeed I don't," I half lied. I don't get out much and I don't exactly live here, here, but some of it was the truth. "How can you be so sure that I am not from around here?"

He hesitated before looking away,"I would think I would remember your eye's and hair, you are really the only person in quite awhile that I have seen with those colors." He reached out and pulled some of my hair from out of my hood and felt it. He quickly let go of it and let it droop back into place.

"Hmmm...well, you can never be too sure, I can always be a witch." I smiled a real, goofy smile. It's nice to have someone to joke around to sometimes.

"If you are, your the nicest one I've met." He teased back.

"And how many have you met?"

"None, but I don't exactly look forward to meeting one, I heard their not the most friendly of people." He checked his pocket watch, his  amber eyes almost bulged out of his head. "I am truly sorry, but I am running late. It was extordinary meeting you." He glowed. He turned around and took 3 steps before I reached out and grabbed his shoulder.

"Wait! I didn't catch your name, sir."

"It's Arin Goodfell, and your's?"

"Vi- on second thought, that shall remain a mystery." He smirked at me. Something I am not generally used to. I smiled and turned to head back into town square as he was on his way, heading toward the direction of the castle.

I passed more small old rotting, 1 floored cottages, with small brown wooden doors that seemed ready to crumbled at any second. "Don't they ever rebuild anything around here?" I thought.

"Arf! Arf!" Tumbling in view came the cutes husky ever, he looked to be no more than a year old with white spots all over his belly and one on his muzzle, otherwise, he was all black, just like my hair. He had gray eyes, like a storm cloud.

"Awww.... What is a puppy like you doing out here all by yourself?" I wondered. I looked around, no one else was here but me, poor dog's ribs were showing! "Hello?" Nobody answer me except my own echo absorbing the air. "Would you like to be my guard dog you little fierce pup?"

He gave a little whining sound and licked my face. I take that as a yes. "Come on then, I think I will call you Fang."He jumped at me as I arose, I asume he likes the name, it suits him fairly well."Come on, lets go Fang." I walk swiftly trying to keep up with Fang, I hit the point of the big, metal structure of a clock inthe middle of town as it strikes 3 o'clock.

Oh no. I have to get back to palace to get ready for the meeting. I whistled a low whistling sound, sounding like the way wind screeched on a windy, stormy day and Fang imeaditly runs back to me. "Come on, Fang. Let's go." I held up my dress and picked up my pace into a fast run, Fang easily in the lead, slowing down occationally, as if asking "Which way?"

I finally came in view of the maldoreous castle. I snuck up to the wall with Fang trailing behind me. At this hour the guard is way passed asleep, lying against the metal gates. Their is one flaw they have with the gates, there is one gap wide enough for me to fit throught at the edge. It;s been that way since the war that happened right outside the castle walls as I my mother was just given birth. I squeeze through the metal gate with the rough surface scraping through my thin material of the dress and making by back aching. I freely climbed the rest of the way to the castle, and around to the back where the kitchen is located. I came up to the little, steel door and rasped my knuckles lightly against it. 

I heard the clanking of the locks unlocking on the other side, and Nataily, the cook, usered me in across the thresh hold,  and inside the castle walls. 

"Princess, you're late. If you want to make it to the meeting on time, I suggest you better go and get dress." She scolded. "I will see Rebecca and send her up."

"Thank you." I threw back over my shoulder as I threw down my cloak, and rushed upstairs to make it in time for the meeting with the king.







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