Love? or Death.

Hello, my name is Maximum Ride.
There is somthing about me that makes everbody want to know my name.
There is something about me that makes everybody just want them to look at them, even though it might be a look of discust.
There is something about me. There is something wrong with me.
What will happen when a boy from the british invasion falls for me, hahaha
What will happen when ALL the boys from the british invasion fall for me.
What will happen when a group of them can't contain there feeling any more.
What will happen when I am in trouble because of the people who love me so much that when I am not with them, they will die.
What will happen when I tell you the story of how it all happend, right from the start.
This is the story of my life with the big question. To Love or to Die
pleaz dont be alarmed by the first chapter of the book, I am telling u, it does get better, and more one direction...y


1. The Truth About Death

"We Love,

We Trust,

We Play,

We Have Fun,

We Lie,

We Hate,

We Fight,

And we Break,

We Mend many Hearts.....

Just to Destroy even More,

We laugh at the people below Us,

Just so we can be highly Scored,

We Kill on Demand,

But we are not the Army,

We WILL make your life Hell,

Though you might not be aware about me,

You see Me,

You beat Me,

But never in our own Game,

You will never Win,

As long as you don't know our Name,

We always act normal no matter what,

But to you, nothing is normal about us,

We Kiss with no warning,

But always have the sign,

Love me, Hate me, Either way......

You Will Be Mine".

We all press our pinky fingers, index fingers, and thumbs together while the two remaining fingers rest on each other. We raise our hands in that position. That is when she started to talk. "This year, we are targeting the people who have it better than us." We all laugh thinking if it is even possible for there to be anybody that has it any better than US. "I know, really funny right, but it is true, there are people who do have it better than us. That just gives us all the reason more for us to move to Europe and fix what is broken." She continues, "We will all spread out on that one part of the world, and you will be instructed." she was about to continue to tell us more about the plan when somebody interrupted her with something to say. "There is nothing broken, so we should not be fixing anything." the rather stupid girl said right to the girl's face. She replied, "Well is you cannot clearly see that something is broken, probably you need to be fixed." She looked at the stupid girl with an expressionless face, then with no signal needed, I held the girl's arms back with my hands, then rather slowly but properly, the girl who was speaking took her head in her hands and twisted it around her body like a owl. Symbolizing screwing her head on right. Screams escaped from her mouth, and as she twisted further, inch by inch, the screams only pierced our ears. As soon as we heard that beautiful "CRACK." I could not help but smile. Smile about the fact that I just helped somebody hold a stupid girls life in her hands, and twist it out of her like she was ringing cloths.

That feeling was the rush I get when somebody that never saw it coming, got it. And that the person suffered through the delivery, then died when it was served.

That feeling only will get better. The rest, worst.

That is why I hate the truth about death. When you kill or even help kill somebody. Karma WILL get you, and it WILL BURN. That was a promise that nobody forgets. That is why I am not one to do a deed and not get it back 10 fold. It just means that I will not die, but i will suffer. And I am ready. It is only because it is my turn. The people before me might have never been able to stick around for the next round but, that is what you have to pay for the one GREAT feeling when you can feel somebody's sole run through you. As for the neck snapper standing right in front of me, she already had her TURN.

one of the boys are gonna come in the next chapter!!!!!


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