"And who should I make this out to?" asked Harry. His eyes looked up from the picture and he felt himself freeze. "Aurora Ann Life," she said smiling, her honey gold eyes staring straight into his soul. "You're not...you're not alive," he whispered. "You're wrong," she whispered back, leaning over the table. He turned to tell the others, that Rori was back, but when he looked to where she was standing...she was gone.

Rori Ann Life, was One Direction's life. But she died in a car crash. She was dead. She had been dead for two years now.

But now Harry keeps seeing her everywhere.
Aurora was back...but the question was: HOW?


1. Grief Clouds Everything



“’Kay! Yeah, I’ll see you then, Haz…shut up! I can wear whatever I want to!” laughed Rori, waving her hand to catch a taxi. She sighed in frustration.

“Don’t worry about me, Harry. And tell Lou to stop texting me every five seconds. Especially when I was out with a boy,” Rori said into the phone, flipping her wavy blonde hair over a shoulder.

“You make me out to be stalker,” said Louis into the phone, stealing it from Harry. Rori laughed as she heard Harry yell, “GIVE IT BACK LOUIS!” Rori doubled over with laughter. She loved her boys. Liam took the phone.

“We just want you to get here safely,” said Liam reasonable. Rori giggled.

“Oh I know. It’s okay, I’ve got it all under control,” said Rori. She waved down another taxi. And sighed in frustration, once again, “I’ll be fine.”

“Oookaaay, Rori. It’s just there’s a storm coming…”

“I know Liam.”


“Love you guys,” Rori felt the need to say suddenly.

“Guys! Rori says she loves us!” called Liam.

“LOVE YOU RORI!” they all yelled. She smiled to herself.

“Bye you guys,” she said, smiling.

“Bye, Rori. And remember, please be safe,” pleaded Liam.

“Aren’t I always?” said Rori, feeling a mischievous smile pull at the corners of her mouth. She heard Liam laugh as she decided to just cross the road, pulling her coat around her tighter. She managed to step over the ice.

“Okay, Rori, if you say so,” he said. She smiled.

“I always say so,” she said.

“I love you, Rori. We all do,” he said. She was about to say, “Me too, Liam, me too,” when she heard tires squeal against ice and asphalt. Her mouth opened in shock. Frozen to the spot as the white car kept coming closer and closer to her.

Then at least two tons of metal made contact with her at eighty miles an hour. Her body was audibly crunched under the wheels. The car didn’t even stop.

“Rori? Rori??? RORI?” cried Liam from the phone, but the phone had skidded away from her quickly cooling hand. Blood was everywhere. But her heart had stopped beating.






Harry couldn’t stop thinking about her, Aurora. It’s been two years since her death, but he loved her. He never really told her that he loved her, but he did. She was fun, loving, caring…innocent girl. She was Rori Ann Life.


A Roarin’ Life is what they used to call her.


Harry looked out the window of the car as he thought about her. She was fifteen when she moved to England from the great United States of America. She moved to Harry’s neighborhood. They immediately clicked, becoming the best of friends. Then, she convinced him to audition for this X-factor. And he did, becoming part of One Direction. She became the best of friends with all of them, constantly part of their lives. Intertwining her gold cords with their colorless ones. Harry was in love with her. They all were, how could they not? She was beautiful, mysterious, and yet so open-minded. She spoke her mind. She wasn’t afraid to be herself; crazy and insane, most likely to do the most stupid but most fun things.


But she died in such a normal way.


A car crash.


Harry felt tears threatening to fall. She didn’t even say she loved him, specifically. She said she loved them all.

And he didn’t say he loved her, specifically. They all told her that they loved her.

He leaned his head against the cool glass window. And then continued to hit himself against the window.




Niall could remember the first time he met Aurora as he leaned back in his car seat.


“What’s your name?” a beautiful blonde said smiling brilliantly.

“Niall,” I said, gulping. I could feel my hands become sweaty and clammy, “Yours?”

She smiled again, making my heart thump irregularly.

“I’m Rori Life,” she said, smiling. My eyes wandered down to where she was still connected to Harry. They were holding hands. She looked confused and then looked to where my eyes wandered.

“Oh no, Hazza and I aren’t dating,” she said, reading my thoughts, “I just can’t see very well. I’m not completely blind, but I don’t have depth perception because I can only see through one eye. So when I’m in an abnormal place, Harry feels like he must lead me around like I’m some kind of puppy.” She rolled her eyes looking up at Harry.

“I think I’m good in a semi-empty room,” she said. Harry pursed his lips and then let go of her hand. She smiled at me again.

“It was such a pleasure to meet you, Niall,” she said in an American accent.


Niall rubbed his hands together. It seemed to be even more cold. He leaned forward.

“Hey? Can you turn up the heat?” he asked.





“Bye, Rori. And remember, please be safe,” I pleaded.

“Aren’t I always?” said Rori. I laughed.

“Okay, Rori, if you say so,” I said. I could hear her smile.

“I always say so,” she teased.

“I love you, Rori,” I said wistfully…and then quickly adding, “We all do.”


Liam held the urge to punch something. Niall looked like he was trying to sleep. How can he sleep on a night like this? Liam, like the rest of the boys, loved Rori. She was beautiful inside and out. Looks had an effect on Liam, but what was inside counted more for him.


“Liam Payne, right?” asked a blonde.

“Yes,” I said smiling tightly. I was a little upset with Louis at the moment, but it wasn’t this girl’s fault.

“I’m sorry, I lost Harry, and I’m going to need help getting to somewhere where there’s food… I don’t want to keep crashing into walls and doorways,” said the girl helplessly. My eyes wandered down to her arm where dark blue-gray bruises were beginning to form.

“Are you blind?” I asked, ignorantly. She laughed.

“No, but I have difficult with depth perception. I can’t tell how far away something is. I just have to get used to this place,” she said, smiling. Her honey gold eyes focused on me and then slowly un-focused.

“Are you all right?” I asked her. She smiled weakly as she began to sway back and forth.

“I just need some sugar in me,” she said smiling.

“What’s your name?” I asked her as I grabbed her arm to steady her and then lead her to the cafeteria of sorts.

“Rori, short for Aurora,” she said, smiling.


Harry was right, Liam thought. It was his fault she was dead. If she had been paying attention… If I could’ve warned her somehow. Liam shook his head. He knew Harry didn’t blame him anymore… Or well, that’s what he said… But Liam still blamed himself. He was on the phone talking to her. He was the one distracting her… It was all his fault that Rori was dead.




Zayn pretended like he was asleep, but he wasn’t really. He was being haunted by smiling faces of Aurora. He missed her, as much as the other lads. He wasn’t on the phone with her the night she died. The last thing he told her was that he never wanted to talk to her again, that he hated her. In reality, he just didn’t know how to deal with the feelings he had for her, and he hated how nice she was to him, so he lashed out at her.


And now she was dead.




Louis looked out the passenger seat window. It’s been two years…two years…and he could still hear her laughter echoing through the crevices of his mind. He could still see a whisper of her face every time he closed his eyes. He could still clearly see a sparkle in those honey gold eyes. She died on his birthday… December 24. She was on her way to his house to celebrate his birthday. She was going to stop by her house to pick up his present first. It was shoes, his favorite type of shoes: Tom’s. They were bright red. He wore them everywhere. Louis hung his head. He missed her terribly. It was his fault Rori was dead. If she wasn’t going to his house that night, if he had never been born… Louis looked up at the sky. Yeah, brilliant way of celebrating his birthday…


“And you must be the famous Louis Tomlinson,” smirked a girl with blonde wavy hair in the doorway.

“That’s me,” I smiled. She was pretty, “How’d you know?”

“Well, you’re part of the band Rori’s boys,” she said very seriously.

“I am?”

“Mhmm. You’re also best friends with my best friend, Harry,” she said smiling, stepping into the room.

“That, I most definitely am. So, you know me, but I don’t know you,” I pointed out. She faintly blushed and then smiled, her honey gold eyes unmoving from my blue ones.

“I’m Rori Ann Life.”

“Like…a Roarin’ Life,” I said enthusiastically. There was a whisper of a smile on her pale face.

“I can honestly say I’ve never heard that one before,” she said smiling.

“So, the Rori Boys?” I asked.

“Mhmm, you’re all my boys,” she said very seriously.




They were her boys. They all belonged to her in one way or another. They all loved her in ways they could never love anyone else again.


But Rori Ann Life was dead.


Or was she?

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