Age Is Just A Number

This book is basically about a 15 year old girl named Ski (Pronounced Sky) who has a passion for photography. It's basically her life. Her dad happens to be best friends with One Direction's body guard, Paul. When Paul has a conversation about One Direction needing a new photographer, Ski's dad recommended her and she is now One Direction's new photographer. Problem is her dad didn't tell her that she would be working with the famous One Direction, just a popular band and she hates One Direction. A lot.

Would she fall for one of the boys? And if she did, would her age, being just 15, stop her from loving him?

Based on the title of my book what is your opinion. Is age just a number when it comes to love?


1. Central Park

I watched as the clouds slowly drifted toward the setting sun. Two were shaped like hearts, three were just a normal cloud shape, but one cloud stood out from the rest. It looked like a number one and the letter D.


I looked back at the picture I just took and smiled. The light was just perfect. It made the cloud seem like it was glowing. I looked around for anything else that caught my interest. I saw a couple by a tree that was empty of leaves but full of snow. They both leaned in for a kiss. Perfect. I held my camera up to my eye and focused it.


  "Ski? Where are you?" I hear my father yell. Great, I only been out here for an hour and only got two perfect shots.

"I'm over here dad!" I yell with a bit of annoyance in my voice.

"You don't sound too enthusiastic to see me." he said laughing. I smiled up at him. I know I shouldn't be too harsh on him considering he's the only I have left. Well, somewhat. I'm an only child and my mother travels around the world trying to 'find herself' as she puts it so it's basically me and my dad in the big city of New York.

"Come on sweetheart, let's go before it gets too cold." He puts his arm around me and leads me to his black Charger.

"You got a new one? Again?" I asked amazed of it's features.

"You bet I did." He opened the car door for me as I hopped in. He rounded the car and came around to the driver's side.

"So when are you going to teach me how to drive?" I asked. He just laughed then looked at me serious.

"Oh you were serious?" he asked.

"Haha, very funny dad." He poked me in the stomach which tickled. I'm glad I have my dad around. He is the one who got me into Photography in the first place.

"Hurry up dad, E news is going on in 10 minutes!" I yelled at him to go faster.

"Hun, it's almost eleven o'clock. Time for you to hit the hay." I groaned. What a party pooper.

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