Supernatural Fan fiction

Fan fiction of the show Supernatural

I <3 Dean (Jesen Ackles)
I <3 Castiel (Misha Collins)


1. Laura


It was like a bullet had just been shot through my skull. I scream. A hand covers my mouth, and then I hear his voice again.

“Tell me where the Winchesters are.” The voice says.

“Never.” He cuts into my arm with a silver knife. I scream again. I try not to move too much. The silver chains cut into my wrists and ankles.

“Last chance.” He says pouring holy water and salt on my face. “Before I send you back to hell.” I’m screaming so loudly I can’t hear my own thoughts. “Say hello to Lucifer for me.” He says stabbing me in the chest. I scream.

“Shhh, Laura, shh!” A voice says, trying to soothe me. I sit up. My head is pounding. I pull up my sleeve, ignoring all the people trying to calm me. Cuts. So many cuts. Scares.

“Laura!” My dad shouts. I stop moving. “You’re ok.”

The sound of next doors alarm clock penetrates my head. I slump over to the linking wall we share and punch it.

“Shut up!” I yell. The alarm stops suddenly. “That’s what I thought.” I mumble to the wall. Carry on my Wayward son begins to play. I know it’s my phone. I sigh as I accept the call from: Gerard Roberts.

“Hey Laura, it’s me, Sam...” I hang up. The phone rings again: Nick Redford. I let it go to voicemail.

“Hey Laura its Sam. Please give us a chance. We really need you... It’s ugh... Cas.” I hear screaming in the background. “We’re at the motel called Sunny’s Motel. Ask for Rodger Coldworth.“ The voicemail ends. I pick up my keys and walk to the door. Sighing I drive to the motel entrance. I walk up to the receptionist, whose looking at me strangely.

“Rodger Coldworth.” I say.

“Room 355.” She replies, pointing at the elevator. I walk past the elevator and take the stairs. Room 355. I knock. I hear shuffling about, guns clicking and someone screaming. The door opens to reveal Sam.

“You came.” He says. I nod, he let’s me in and guides me to the ‘living area’. Dean and Bobby stare at me. Dean’s standing defensively in front of the sofa. “She’s here to help.” Dean relaxes and walks away revealing a very bloodied up Cas. He winces as he tries to turn his head towards me. I walk over.

“You should’ve called one of your hunter doctors.” I say glancing back towards Sam.

“Fix him.” Dean commands. My head snaps to face him. I glare at him. A gun clicks, I scan the room, and no one is holding a gun. Relax. You’re hallucinating again. Don’t let them notice! Turning back towards Cas I flinch, he’s worse.

“What happened?” I ask.

“Crowley.” Sam says.

“He’s king of....” Dean says.

“Hell. I know. I’ve met him a few times.” Dean raises an eyebrow at me. I tap Cas lightly on the shoulder. He stops bleeding. The cuts and bruises, it all slowly fades. “Done.” I turn to leave but an invisible barrier stops me. I look up at the ceiling. “Are you freeking kidding me?” I exclaim. Sam exchanges a look with Bobby and Dean.

“You’re coming with us.” Dean says.



“No thanks.” I turn to leave but Dean grabs my arm.

You’re coming with us.” He says with force. I turn to look at his face. He’s sad. You can see it in his eyes. He pulls me close towards him. “Please.” He whispers.

“Fine.” I say, pulling away. “Anyone know how to get in?” Cas stands up.

“Yes. But it’s not going to be pretty.”

“Duh. I’ve been....” I let my voice trail off as I realise what I’m saying.

“Give me a minute.” Cas says as he walks towards the nearest wall. “I need blood.” Dean pulls his sleeve up. “Demon blood.” Cas says looking at Dean. They all turn towards me.

“Yeah sure, pick on the girl trapped by a bunch of so called friends.” They’re not backing off so I pull my sleeve back. Castiel steps into the ‘ring’, grabs my arm and cuts it with a silver knife. I scream. Bobby rushes forward.

“You idjit! That knife was silver!” He yells at Cas, who doesn’t appear to be listening, just drawing on the wall. Bobby grabs my arm; it’s bruised and cut all the way up. I pull away before he says anything. He raises an eyebrow at me as I pull my sleeve back down. “Did you hear me?” He shouts. Cas nods.

“Yes, yes I heard you.” He carries on mumbling a spell. The wall crumbles away, the ground starts the shake. A split runs through the ceiling, breaking the symbol in half. I step out; Dean looks at me, watching to see if I’ll leave. Cas flies backwards into me. We crash into the wall behind. I land on something silver, I scream. Cas clambers to his feet he struggles to help me up then brushes the scattered silver pieces off of me. Tears run down my face but I brush them away and run towards Dean and Sam. They’re being sucked in towards the wall.

“Grab the post!” I yell at them. They grab hold of the sturdy metal post. I know it’s made of silver. Cas doesn’t go to grab it either. “Together?” I ask looking at him. He grabs my hand.

“Together.” We step forward towards the entrance. Then it closes up. Everyone looks around for the person who closed it.

“Aww well isn’t that sweet.” Crowley. He walks down the steps leading into the basement. I let go of Cas’ hand and face Crowley. “You can let go of the poll now boys.” Dean, Sam and my dad let go.

“What are you doing here?” I ask.

“I made a deal with a certain angel that I would lead him to you.” I turn to Cas but he just shrugs his shoulders. “No not your pretty angel in the trench coat. One you’ve met just once before.” Balthazar?

“Balthazar?” I ask out loud. He shakes his head and laughs.

“No not that idiot. In fact, here he is now.” He appears next to Crowley.

“Thank you Crowley. You may go now.” Crowley looks disappointed but he leaves. “Well, well. You didn’t think you’d escape that easily, did you?” he walks towards me. I try not to flinch.

“Zachariah.” Cas says.

“Castiel. How nice it is that you are here.”

“Why are you here?” Dean asks.

“The Winchester boys. Thank you Laura. You’ve lead me right to them.” He starts walking towards them.

“Touch them and I’ll kill you.” I say, a little louder than I had hoped.

“Excuse me?” He says turning back towards me.

“You heard me.”

“You’re threatening me? Big mistake. After all, don’t you remember that week we spent together?” I look down at the floor. “You do don’t you.” He walks towards me and pulls up my sleeves. Everyone gasps at the cuts and bruises on my arms. “Still not recovered? That’s what an angel blade does to a demon.” Castiel leans towards me, ready to heal me. “Castiel, are you going against me?”


“Then back off.” He yells.


“Excuse me? Have you not seen your little friend here?”

“I said no. I’m not backing off.”

“We’ll see about that.” Zach’s eyes widen as he places two fingers on my forehead. I wake up restrained on the cold metal slab once more. “I know where your friends are now. They’ll never escape me.”

“Yes they will.” He smiles as he cuts my arm. “You’re not as big and strong as you think you are.” He pours salt onto my cuts. I let out a bloodcurdling scream. “Stop this.”

“Beg me.”


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