Doctor Who: Travelling Through Film

The Doctor and Amy are at the movies watching a film, when the Doctor notices a strange electrical alien current. As he and Amy go and investigate, they're sucked into a vortex and are forced to travel through 10 different films.


1. Cinema

"So Doctor, where are we sitting?" Amy Pond asked her companion. The Doctor, squinted at the small print on the wafer thin tickets and finally answered

"Row J, number 24 and 25." He stood up straight, puckered his bow tie (I don't know what you would call that thing he does with his bow tie but I think it sounds good if I say puckered!).

"Great, now you can buy me some popcorn!" Amy grinned, shrugging her shoulders and patting the Doctor on the back. They started to walk off towards screen 8 without noticing the small ,but increasingly worrying, purple vortex on the floor of the plex.......


Everyone was watching the screen intently, waiting to see who the murderer would be. Was it the gardener, or the hose pipe handyman?

"It's the builder!" The Doctor exclaimed loudly. Amy covered her face with her hands as everyone in the theatre repeatedly groaned. This was the fifteenith time the Doctor had called out.

"Sit down!" She hissed, grabbing his hand and pulling him down onto his seat. So far, the movie had been great. But the Doctor kept on spoiling it, as he 'apparently' helped write the movie!



"Well, you just about ruined it for everyone!" Amy complained, throwing the empty popcorn cup into the bin.

"I told you it was the builder though, didn't I?" The Doctor excitedly rubbed his hands together, thrilled he had accurately guessed the murderer.

"Yes, you did, along with everyone else in the room!" Amy tried to make him see sense, but with the Doctor being the Doctor, there was no hope in that.

They carried on walking, trying to disscuss other things, like River, and Rory (who was on a well earned vacation by himself, to escape the darn aliens). Everything seemed as normal as it could get for these two, knowing their past with aliens, so no-one questioned them. But they did get some funny looks when the Doctor stopped suddenly, and started sniffing the air vigourously. Amy watched as he circled around the area and finally came to a halt in front of the vortex. Realising he had found something, Amy rushed over, stopping just before she fell in. The Doctor caught her, and pushed her back up. Bad choice. Two huge streams of dark energy reached out of the purple vortex, and grabbed them, before pulling them back down into the darkness of the hole....


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