Me & My Beasley

This poem is for my bestest friend ever Rosie!!!! I love you babe! :D This poem is about her fat ginger tabby cat that is very lazy....Love that fat cat!!!!! I hope you like the poem Rosie. x <3

Just remember the song u made up:
He's fat
He's Round
He rolls along the ground

Please comment and let me know what you think of the poem guys :D xxxx


1. Me & My Beasley

My special little boy, always trying to annoy. Stealing my pillow in the middle of the night. I don't wanna fight, he's just too cute. He could never be an annoying brute. He is so fluffy and warm. I like to cuddle him loads, he tries to kill a lot of toads.








Beasley is such a beastley babe!!!!

He's fat but sweet, running around growling with as piece of meat. He can be grumpy at times, and sometimes he whines when he wants to get into my bedroom. He gets into bed with me every night, sitting on my chest, I will be honest with you, he isn't light. This is  rather outgoing cat, can't get over the fact that he's so fat. He's my silly fat cat. I love him so much, the touch of his soft fur like silk, as he laps up his well deserved milk. He loves to eat a lot of food, he is my dude! ;)

I look into his big soppy round eyes, I know what he's thinking...'mmmmm pies".

I see him sat by the cat flap, him tapping his little paws along the tile floor. A pitter patter, a constant feet, he always ends up toddling to my feet. Looking up to my face and meowing his affection to me. He's an awesome cat, just you wait and see. I swear he's always sleeping, dreaming of fish most likely. Salty chips, less of the yips, for Beasley doesn't really like dogs. He much prefers mogs. ;) Especially the ladies! x

He sits on my lap as I watch TV. He is always seeking attention. Trying to get as many strokes as possible. He loves me, and I love him. He will always win my heart before any other cat will. After all I've had him for about 13 years. The tears we have shared, and the things we have been through. He has been with me all my life. He's my baby boy. He quite likes padding rolled up paper as if it were a toy.  He is always very friendly, but when wet, you better get outta there! He is one evil moggy! He hates baths, but it always spills a few laughs to see his angry face, as he paces up and down the hallway in a temper.

He likes to gross me out by eating spiders. I am unsure why he likes to nibble spiders so much. Perhaps it's there tiggly touch, as the long legs wiggle all over the place. They scuttle along the floor making it a fun game for my BB.

Whenever I talk to him, he replies with a friendly MEOW. It's like he's talking to me, he he!!!! :)

He hates loud noises, like firework bangs, but he always sinks his fangs into a nice juicy bit of steak. He will only wake for food and attention. He trusts me. Trust-He Must, I'm responsibly for him cuz he's mine. We seem to have a kind of connection. A sought of special bond, I've caught him trying to steal fish yet again from the neighbours pond! But no matter how much of a bad boy my BB could be, he's always the one for me. <3 xxxx

If he wants something, he likes to make himself heard, one word.... meow------MEOW!!!!!!!!!

This cat of mine snores ever so loud, but he never fails to make me proud <3 xxxx


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