Divergent Games

This is a mash up of my two favorite books "Divergent" and "The Hunger Games" this is going into The Cross Over contest.
I would love your comments :)


1. The Beginning


My name is Beatrice but, ever since I transferred factions three years ago from Abnegation into Dauntless I have been known by Tris. Our factions where torn down after Erudite and Dauntless leaders rebelled and we all became without a faction. I have been factionless for one year now but, it isn’t out of the ordinary anymore. Before people were afraid of the factionless, they thought they might harm them but, being born into Abnegation I learned to respect and help everyone, even when I didn’t want to. Now everyone lives where ever they want, whenever they want. It has been like this since the government broke down. At least I have Tobias to help me through all that has happened and helps me get recover from the lives that were harmed because of me. He is my everything. Everything I have hoped for, he is capable of protecting me a loving me at the same time.

“Hello everyone” the television bursts on with a puff. Our small apartment has one black and white television that only turns on when there is an important announcement from the rebuilding government. It hasn’t been one in over five months.

“We know that everyone has had trouble since the diminished factions but, not for much longer.” The women said with a chirp.

“We have a way to get us out of this poverty we are all living”

“Four! Come in here!” I yell. My voice comes blurting out like a little girl on Christmas morning. He comes stumbling in mid shave.

“You know you can just call me Tobias” he laughs lightly. I still call him Four when I’m not thinking about it. Even though he has turned into so much more than what I remember him as, back at the Dauntless compound.

“Representatives from the outside world came to talk to us earlier today and they had a proposition” the TV continues “They have introduced us to a game. A game that will help us earn money with only a small cost to pay.” I stare at Tobias intrigued but, he is intently fixated on the television.

 “We will not join their others game but, make our own.”

Another woman comes on the screen to continue the report. “We will gather twelve lucky divergents to fight each other to the death in a battle,” my face turns flushed. I fell like yelling, everything had been resolved, sort of, and now this.

 The new woman on the screen’s voice was much deeper than the previous one but, she was oddly smaller. Her face was twisted in a contorted way. Tobias grabs my hand. His warm hold is comforting. I only now notice that my hand is trembling or is it his?

“We will pick the contestants in a choosing ceremony they call “The Reaping”. We will call these games the Divergent Games.”

The television clicks off and the room goes dark, lacking the illuminating light the box once held. Tobias squeezes my hand but, I don’t reply the embrace of comfort. I am motionless. I feel dead again.

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